Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A turning point in Phaedrus' life came about the time he saw
(a) a wall shining across a misty harbor.
(b) a double rainbow.
(c) a rice paddy from atop a mountain.
(d) his best friend die.

2. The ghost that Phaedrus pursued was
(a) the ghost of rationality.
(b) the ghost of modern science.
(c) the ghost of Western thought.
(d) the ghost of technology.

3. Phaedrus called Montana State University
(a) the Church of Reason.
(b) the Church of Rationality.
(c) the School of Reasonable Rationality.
(d) the Church of Irrationality.

4. Phaedrus studied Oriental philosophy at
(a) the Eastern Thought Center in India.
(b) Bengal Hindu University in India.
(c) the Zen Study Center in India.
(d) Benares Hindu University in India.

5. Phaedrus served in the
(a) Cuban Crisis.
(b) Vietnam War.
(c) Falkland Skirmish.
(d) Korean Conflict.

Short Answer Questions

1. A priori knowledge is an idea that was proposed by

2. Chris relates that whichever child saw their father first

3. The travelers stay in cabins in Gardiner made by the owner who is a craftsman as evidenced by

4. Which tappet needed adjustment?

5. Phaedrus did not like Yellowstone Park because

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the last sentence of the chapter mean: "I am a pioneer now, looking onto a promised land."

2. What is the Narrator's personality theory of motorcycles? (How does a motorcycle acquire a unique personality? What makes up a motorcycle's personality?)

3. How does the Narrator know that Phaedrus existed?

4. In what ways is the phrase "to travel is better than to arrive" appropriate to the Narrator's trip to Bozeman?

5. What are the important points of skill in each part in the scientific methods process?

6. What evidence is there that the Sutherlands and the Narrator disagree about technology?

7. Explain one of his more radical teaching techniques.

8. How did Phaedrus stimulate students to think for themselves?

9. A society which kills multitudes in wars, pollutes the land and oceans, and destroys the dignity of individuals is said to be a higher society than one that hunts and gathers. How can that be rationally explained?

10. Which question would you prefer to ask your friends: "What's new?" or "What is best?" Which question would you rather have people ask you?

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