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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Quality is
(a) a measure of worth or goodness.
(b) what others like.
(c) a trait like hardness or color.
(d) what you like.

2. According to the Narrator, the twentieth century is characterized by
(a) a search for Quality.
(b) a search for the truth.
(c) a desire to make Religion, Science and Art agree.
(d) a chaotic, disconnected spirit.

3. When Quality is subtracted from the world as Phaedrus knew it, he discovered that the fine arts disappeared. What else disappeared?
(a) entertainment and flavors
(b) science and technology
(c) values and purpose
(d) work and sports

4. Which of the following is NOT one of the levels of inner peace of mind?
(a) Spiritual quietness
(b) Mental quietness
(c) Value quietness
(d) Physical quietness

5. The resolution of specific problems of conscience, duty or conduct by using or interpreting ethical principles or religious doctrines is called
(a) religionality.
(b) casuistry.
(c) rationality.
(d) casually.

6. The idea of eliminating degrees and grades
(a) became a demonstrator for persuasive writing.
(b) was embraced by the student body.
(c) was enacted by the university.
(d) was not popular among the faculty.

7. Which of the following statements about modern technology was NOT part of the Narrator's feelings?
(a) The viewer of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(b) The creator of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(c) The owner of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(d) The user of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.

8. If Quality exists in the object,
(a) Phaedrus should be able to define it.
(b) scientific instruments should be able to detect and measure it.
(c) it is just a fancy name for a bunch of nonsense.
(d) people should be able to see and feel it.

9. The hyped-up, supermodern style of life is another
(a) letdown.
(b) hang-up.
(c) tune-up.
(d) setback.

10. Phaedrus was admitted to the program, but
(a) was given a large scholarship.
(b) was thrown out of the program.
(c) wanted into a different program.
(d) decided not to go to the school.

11. All institutions of the System are based on
(a) intelligent beings.
(b) the Church of Reason.
(c) the ability to teach.
(d) individual weakness.

12. Which is NOT a way in which the Narrator knows that Chris is exhausted?
(a) His face is flushed.
(b) He is walking faster and faster.
(c) His expression is distant.
(d) He does not look at his father.

13. What does the Narrator really want to do with the shadowy figure in his dreams?
(a) See him
(b) Avoid him
(c) Kill him
(d) Talk to him

14. The Narrator has tried to reassemble the fragments of Phaedrus' thinking by
(a) jotting down everything he knows or is told.
(b) sorting through many boxes of papers.
(c) asking lots of questions of his wife and friends.
(d) going every place Phaedrus went.

15. Value is all the following EXCEPT
(a) the predecessor of structure.
(b) the preintellectual awareness.
(c) the leading edge of reality.
(d) an irrelevant off-shoot of structure.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Sophists taught

2. The Narrator first helps Chris' tiredness by

3. The forest near the bottom of the canyon consists mainly of

4. Phaedrus decided that schools teach people to

5. When Quality is subtracted, all EXCEPT the following are true:

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