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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Professor of Philosophy tried to
(a) shame the student who asked the question.
(b) cut Phaedrus down.
(c) scare the students into reading and studying.
(d) warn all the students not to aks questsions.

2. The Narrator first helps Chris' tiredness by
(a) teaching Chris to use an aspen pole.
(b) ferrying the backpacks up the mountainside.
(c) having Chris eat lunch and take a nap.
(d) putting all the heavy stuff in one backpack.

3. The forest near the bottom of the canyon consists mainly of
(a) shrubs.
(b) pine.
(c) broad-leafed trees.
(d) aspen.

4. Which of the following did NOT draw up a system of geometry?
(a) Euclid
(b) Riemann
(c) Lobachevski
(d) Cointraire

5. When you are stuck
(a) the train of knowledge is of no help to you.
(b) you are at the back end of the train of knowledge on the track to reality.
(c) you are at the front end of the train of knowledge, at the track of reality.
(d) you are the engineer of the train of knowledge seeing far into the distance.

6. Although Phaedrus was sure he had found the right Ph.D. program, he discovered that his thesis idea was opposed to the views of
(a) the professor of Greek.
(b) the professor of Chinese.
(c) the professor of English.
(d) the professor of Philosophy.

7. When Chris falls down, he
(a) starts crying.
(b) is injured.
(c) gets angry.
(d) begs to go back.

8. All institutions of the System are based on
(a) intelligent beings.
(b) the Church of Reason.
(c) the ability to teach.
(d) individual weakness.

9. In the "train of knowledge" analogy
(a) Romantic Knowledge is the train track.
(b) the train must be stopped for the analogy to work.
(c) Classic Knowledge is the train's caboose.
(d) Romantic Knowledge is the leading edge of the engine.

10. A branch of philosophy concerned with the definition of Quality is known as
(a) eschatology.
(b) egotism.
(c) escarpment.
(d) esthetics.

11. Quality was kept undefined by definition in order to
(a) discover a cancer cure.
(b) send a message to the English department.
(c) eliminate it from the analytical process.
(d) quiet the estheticians.

12. The Narrator compares climbing the mountain to
(a) a spiritual goal to be reached.
(b) a maze to find one's way through life.
(c) a hardship to be overcome.
(d) a higher society to be reached.

13. If Quality exists in the object,
(a) scientific instruments should be able to detect and measure it.
(b) people should be able to see and feel it.
(c) it is just a fancy name for a bunch of nonsense.
(d) Phaedrus should be able to define it.

14. When the student could not write an essay on Bozeman, Phaedrus told her to
(a) write an essay on the main street of Bozeman.
(b) write an essay on the United States.
(c) write an essay on one brick.
(d) leave the class and not come back until it was written.

15. The three rhetorical options Phaedrus had available to him included all EXCEPT
(a) refuse to enter the arena with the bull.
(b) impale himself on one of the bull's horns.
(c) throw sand in the bull's eyes.
(d) attempt to sing the bull to sleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chris want to know about his father?

2. Which is NOT a way in which the Narrator knows that Chris is exhausted?

3. If Quality is subtracted from the marketplace,

4. The most frustrating muscle trap is

5. At the end of the chapter,

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