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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Phaedrus reads "Phaedrus" he is impressed by
(a) the double meanings of the words.
(b) the condemning spirit.
(c) the emotions expressed.
(d) the poetic imagery.

2. The three rhetorical options Phaedrus had available to him included all EXCEPT
(a) attempt to sing the bull to sleep.
(b) refuse to enter the arena with the bull.
(c) throw sand in the bull's eyes.
(d) impale himself on one of the bull's horns.

3. When Quality is subtracted, all EXCEPT the following are true:
(a) Purely intellectual pursuits are fairly unaffected.
(b) The world cannot function.
(c) Life becomes very dull and uninteresting.
(d) Rationality is essentially unchanged.

4. Which of the following statements about modern technology was NOT part of the Narrator's feelings?
(a) The creator of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(b) The owner of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(c) The user of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(d) The viewer of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.

5. Phaedrus used the number zero as a means of showing
(a) classic formalism.
(b) reductio ad absurdum.
(c) scientific materialism.
(d) subjective elimination.

6. If Quality is subtracted from the marketplace,
(a) only basic, tasteless necessities would be carried by grocery stores.
(b) more tasteful foods would be available in grocery stores.
(c) beverages would taste better.
(d) G.I. shoes would become unavailable.

7. If a person's motorcycle backfires sometimes, what type of gumption trap would that be?
(a) Stuckness
(b) Intermettent failure
(c) Mu
(d) Muscular insensitivity

8. When Chris falls down, he
(a) begs to go back.
(b) is injured.
(c) gets angry.
(d) starts crying.

9. Value is all the following EXCEPT
(a) an irrelevant off-shoot of structure.
(b) the leading edge of reality.
(c) the predecessor of structure.
(d) the preintellectual awareness.

10. Why does Chris think Chicago was better?
(a) He had more friends in the city.
(b) His father was gone all the time.
(c) His father was in the hospital.
(d) His father told stories and played games with him.

11. When you are stuck
(a) you are at the front end of the train of knowledge, at the track of reality.
(b) you are at the back end of the train of knowledge on the track to reality.
(c) the train of knowledge is of no help to you.
(d) you are the engineer of the train of knowledge seeing far into the distance.

12. The most frustrating muscle trap is
(a) inadequate tools.
(b) parts problems.
(c) boredom.
(d) bad surroundings.

13. A sarcophagus is
(a) a piece of striated muscle.
(b) a limestone coffin.
(c) a room in an insane asylum.
(d) a dinosaur.

14. Without the Sutherlands
(a) Chris becomes withdrawn.
(b) Chris and his dad talk more.
(c) it is very lonely.
(d) it is more peaceful.

15. Which is NOT a way in which the Narrator knows that Chris is exhausted?
(a) His face is flushed.
(b) He is walking faster and faster.
(c) He does not look at his father.
(d) His expression is distant.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Narrator becomes scared and decides NOT to

2. When the student could not write an essay on Bozeman, Phaedrus told her to

3. Although Phaedrus was sure he had found the right Ph.D. program, he discovered that his thesis idea was opposed to the views of

4. When Quality is subtracted from the world as Phaedrus knew it, he discovered that the fine arts disappeared. What else disappeared?

5. All of the following are synonyms for "metaphysical" EXCEPT

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