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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Narrator compares climbing the mountain to
(a) a hardship to be overcome.
(b) a spiritual goal to be reached.
(c) a higher society to be reached.
(d) a maze to find one's way through life.

2. Value is all the following EXCEPT
(a) the preintellectual awareness.
(b) an irrelevant off-shoot of structure.
(c) the predecessor of structure.
(d) the leading edge of reality.

3. The Professor of Philosophy tried to
(a) shame the student who asked the question.
(b) cut Phaedrus down.
(c) warn all the students not to aks questsions.
(d) scare the students into reading and studying.

4. Phaedrus was a student at
(a) The University of Illinois, where he also taught.
(b) The University of Illinois but taught at the University of Chicago.
(c) The University of Chicago but taught at the University of Illinois.
(d) The University of Chicago, where he also taught.

5. All institutions of the System are based on
(a) intelligent beings.
(b) the ability to teach.
(c) the Church of Reason.
(d) individual weakness.

6. When the student could not write an essay on Bozeman, Phaedrus told her to
(a) write an essay on the United States.
(b) write an essay on one brick.
(c) leave the class and not come back until it was written.
(d) write an essay on the main street of Bozeman.

7. When Quality is subtracted, all EXCEPT the following are true:
(a) Life becomes very dull and uninteresting.
(b) The world cannot function.
(c) Purely intellectual pursuits are fairly unaffected.
(d) Rationality is essentially unchanged.

8. The Narrator and Chris are planning to hike for
(a) nine days.
(b) three days.
(c) five days.
(d) two days.

9. All of the following are synonyms for "metaphysical" EXCEPT
(a) technolgical.
(b) philosophical.
(c) theoretical.
(d) supernatural.

10. The resolution of specific problems of conscience, duty or conduct by using or interpreting ethical principles or religious doctrines is called
(a) religionality.
(b) casually.
(c) rationality.
(d) casuistry.

11. The Narrator tells a story about camping in the mountains and being surprised by a
(a) partridge.
(b) deer.
(c) buffalo.
(d) moose.

12. Which of the following statements about modern technology was NOT part of the Narrator's feelings?
(a) The user of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(b) The owner of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(c) The viewer of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.
(d) The creator of it feels no particular sense of identity with it.

13. The Immortal Principle was NOT called
(a) air by Anaximenes.
(b) rock by Piney.
(c) fire by Heraclitus.
(d) water by Thales.

14. The Chairman skips Socrates' description of
(a) the One.
(b) the allegory.
(c) the Truth.
(d) the horse.

15. If Quality is subtracted from the marketplace,
(a) beverages would taste better.
(b) more tasteful foods would be available in grocery stores.
(c) G.I. shoes would become unavailable.
(d) only basic, tasteless necessities would be carried by grocery stores.

Short Answer Questions

1. If Quality exists in the object,

2. The concept that "a thing exists if a world without it can't function normally" is which branch of philosophy?

3. What does the Narrator really want to do with the shadowy figure in his dreams?

4. Which of the following did NOT draw up a system of geometry?

5. The Sophists taught

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