Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A turning point in Phaedrus' life came about the time he saw
(a) a rice paddy from atop a mountain.
(b) his best friend die.
(c) a wall shining across a misty harbor.
(d) a double rainbow.

2. In all Oriental religions great value is placed upon
(a) the lack of all activity for the sake of meditation.
(b) the doctrine
(c) the separation of self and other.
(d) the concept of logic as a means to final wisdom.

3. The Narrator does not feel the faster speeds are good because
(a) the hills are dangerous at higher speeds.
(b) the road is getting really hot.
(c) his rear tire is wearing badly and could blow out.
(d) there are a lot of holes and broken places in the roads.

4. The predicted results of scientific inquiry and the actual results of scientific inquiry are
(a) in sync with each other.
(b) hard to understand as being related.
(c) often unrelated to each other.
(d) diametrically opposed.

5. Riding along the marshes reminds the Narrator of
(a) the heat and humidity of the summer.
(b) the loneliness of the two-lane road.
(c) how cold winters can be.
(d) the opening of duck season.

6. John is interested in
(a) what is the underlying form of things.
(b) what things are.
(c) what things mean.
(d) what things appear to be.

7. The Narrator remembers going to a party and drinking too much. He lies down in a back room of the house and wakes up
(a) at home.
(b) riding a motorcycle.
(c) in a heart hospital.
(d) in an insane hospital.

8. What does the Narrator think he should be doing if he were a novelist instead of a Chautauqua orator?
(a) developing the characters of John, Sylvia and Chris
(b) communicating with John, Sylvia and Chris
(c) talking more to Chris
(d) interacting more with John

9. Phaedrus' stage fright concerning classroom teaching appeared to students as
(a) a reticence to speak.
(b) an electrifying performance.
(c) extreme intensity.
(d) passionate teaching.

10. In his teaching, an essay was to be developed from the basis of
(a) elementary logic.
(b) following a pattern.
(c) elementary, rational thought.
(d) elementary stimulus-response theory.

11. Which of the following is NOT a book the Narrator has brought on the trip?
(a) Harley Davidson's How to Fix Motorcycles
(b) Chilton's Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide
(c) Thoreau's Walden
(d) A shop manual for his motorcycle

12. The parts of a motorcycle form a
(a) hierarchy.
(b) hypothesis.
(c) table.
(d) scientific method.

13. Which of the following is the best description of Phaedrus?
(a) Phaedrus was intelligent, focused, and courageous.
(b) Phaedrus was brilliant, focused on his work, and insensitive to people.
(c) Phaedrus was secretive, aloof, and seemingly cold to others.
(d) Phaedrus was tall, darkly complected, and highly intelligent.

14. A topsy-turvy feeling of inadequacy results when
(a) instantaneous rates of change create hang-ups.
(b) occultism, mysticism, and mind-altering drug use are widespread.
(c) old forms of thought do not give people a way to deal with new experiences.
(d) a new world is discovered by Columbus.

15. The Narrator does not want to go faster than
(a) sixty miles per hour.
(b) fifty miles per hour.
(c) sixty-five miles per hour.
(d) forty-five miles per hour.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Narrator characterized the college as a "teaching college" by which he meant

2. In trying to explain what is wrong with the outdoor barbecue instructions, the Narrator expounds upon what is wrong with technology, which he says is

3. The stand of pines where the group is camping is the home of

4. Herried is designated a Western town by the Narrator because

5. The purpose of Annihilation ECS was

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