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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Narrator does not want to go faster than
(a) sixty miles per hour.
(b) fifty miles per hour.
(c) forty-five miles per hour.
(d) sixty-five miles per hour.

2. Academic freedom was threatened by all EXCEPT
(a) Professors were banned from speaking freely on campus.
(b) More stringent rules about acceptance to the college were enacted.
(c) There was a rule against failing students in classes.
(d) Accusations of stirring up trouble were leveled at professors.

3. Phaedrus' academic goal in University was to
(a) major in journalism.
(b) major in molecular biology.
(c) major in philosophy.
(d) major in chemistry.

4. The theoretic component of man's existence corresponds to all EXCEPT
(a) classical thinking.
(b) the scientific process.
(c) esthetics.
(d) Western thought.

5. The high meadow is welcome like
(a) the rain in the spring.
(b) a rainbow.
(c) the promised land.
(d) the promise of a new beginning.

6. The predicted results of scientific inquiry and the actual results of scientific inquiry are
(a) often unrelated to each other.
(b) diametrically opposed.
(c) hard to understand as being related.
(d) in sync with each other.

7. In all Oriental religions great value is placed upon
(a) the doctrine
(b) the separation of self and other.
(c) the lack of all activity for the sake of meditation.
(d) the concept of logic as a means to final wisdom.

8. Above the timberline, the travelers see
(a) a mountain lake.
(b) twisted and stunted little pine trees.
(c) snowbanks and alpine meadows.
(d) broadleaf trees.

9. Annihilation ECS consisted of
(a) 28 electric shocks to the brain.
(b) 800 amps applied for 1.5 seconds.
(c) 28 skin pricks on the scalp.
(d) 88 volts of electricity to the heart.

10. John puts on his long underwear and plays

11. Signs that they were approaching the High Plains included all EXCEPT
(a) Fences became rarer.
(b) The earth took on deep undulations.
(c) The earth looked flatter.
(d) The greenness became paler.

12. John complains about how difficult it is to photograph the
(a) motorcycles.
(b) town of Ellendale.
(c) Narrator and Chris.
(d) prairie.

13. An empiricist is one who believes
(a) all knowledge is a priori knowledge, but each person must find it.
(b) the beginning of knowledge is sensory knowledge.
(c) knowledge that comes through the senses is truth.
(d) all knowledge is derived exclusively from the senses.

14. Sylvia says she thinks the Narrator looks like he saw a
(a) ghost.
(b) wolf.
(c) alien.
(d) cat.

15. Phaedrus corresponded with the Northwest Regional Accrediting Association
(a) because he was unhappy with their method of accrediting the English department.
(b) to see of they would accredit a college he was starting.
(c) to get letters proving he was a professor at an accredited university.
(d) because he believed that the university had violated accreditation requirements.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sylvia begins to ask questions about Chris'

2. Phaedrus did not like Yellowstone Park because

3. How does the Narrator know a storm is coming?

4. The purpose of Annihilation ECS was

5. Chris relates that whichever child saw their father first

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