Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Narrator found that the thread was stripped in the chain adjustment, he
(a) didn't know where to start.
(b) hammered the adjusting bolt to tighten the chain.
(c) put a cotter pin into the chain.
(d) used the axle nut to tighten the chain.

2. Why did Chris and the Narrator get soaked on their trip to Canada?
(a) The rain was the result of a warm front.
(b) The Narrator forgot to dig a trench around their tent.
(c) The storm came from the northeast.
(d) The Narrator forgot to pack a tent.

3. The real university according to Phaedrus
(a) is a nonprofit corporation, which owns property and pays salaries to teaching staff and receives payment for teaching students.
(b) is a facility created and operated by a state legislature for the purpose of educating students.
(c) is a legal corporation, which owns property and pays salaries to teaching staff and receives payment for teaching students.
(d) is a state of mind based on the heritage of rational thought, which is regenerated by a body of people.

4. John wants to camp
(a) at a campground to the south of Lemmon.
(b) at a park in the middle of Lemmon.
(c) at a reservoir near Lemmon.
(d) on the bank of the Missouri River.

5. In his teaching, an essay was to be developed from the basis of
(a) elementary stimulus-response theory.
(b) following a pattern.
(c) elementary logic.
(d) elementary, rational thought.

6. The Narrator divides human understanding into
(a) romantic and gothic.
(b) Roman and Greek.
(c) romantic and classic.
(d) Romanesque and Classical.

7. Phaedrus did not like Yellowstone Park because
(a) the tourists had white legs sticking out of shorts.
(b) people in the park acted like animals on display.
(c) the atmosphere of the park made people fake friendliness.
(d) the park rangers wore Smokey Bear hats.

8. Sylvia says she thinks the Narrator looks like he saw a
(a) alien.
(b) cat.
(c) ghost.
(d) wolf.

9. Man is a passive observer or a "blank tablet" was first proposed by
(a) Hume.
(b) Copernicus.
(c) Kant.
(d) Aristotle.

10. Phaedrus was despondent about his inability to
(a) teach about quality.
(b) help his students really learn.
(c) excite his students.
(d) teach what he believed.

11. As the Narrator rides past the marshes he sees
(a) a robin.
(b) a red-winged blackbird.
(c) a pin-tail duck.
(d) a ring-tailed pheasant.

12. Einstein said:
(a) The number of rational hypotheses that can explain any given phenomenon is infinite, increasing as more are tested.
(b) Knowledge comes from intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience.
(c) Scientific knowledge comes from nature. Nature provides the hypotheses.
(d) Knowledge comes from man. Man provides the hypotheses.

13. The Narrator makes four observations about his lists of motorcycle parts. Which of the following is NOT one of those observations?
(a) There are no value judgments.
(b) The observer is missing.
(c) The rider or operator is missing.
(d) The motorcycle is nearly impossible to understand by lists unless you already know how one works.

14. The travelers stay in cabins in Gardiner made by the owner who is a craftsman as evidenced by
(a) the many flowers planted around each cabin.
(b) how old the couple is who own the cabins.
(c) the careful attention to detail in the windows, doors, and moldings.
(d) the sign that is hung in the cabin.

15. John is interested in
(a) what is the underlying form of things.
(b) what things appear to be.
(c) what things are.
(d) what things mean.

Short Answer Questions

1. The plans of Chris and the Narrator are deliberately indefinite so that

2. What does the Narrator think he should be doing if he were a novelist instead of a Chautauqua orator?

3. Phaedrus did not understand

4. The kind of truth one seems to see out of the corner of one's eye or when the procedure goes haywire is called

5. Unpacking at the campground is difficult due to

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