Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Phaedrus' academic goal in University was to
(a) major in journalism.
(b) major in chemistry.
(c) major in philosophy.
(d) major in molecular biology.

2. Why did Chris and the Narrator get soaked on their trip to Canada?
(a) The Narrator forgot to dig a trench around their tent.
(b) The Narrator forgot to pack a tent.
(c) The storm came from the northeast.
(d) The rain was the result of a warm front.

3. Phaedrus called Montana State University
(a) the Church of Reason.
(b) the School of Reasonable Rationality.
(c) the Church of Irrationality.
(d) the Church of Rationality.

4. An empiricist is one who believes
(a) knowledge that comes through the senses is truth.
(b) the beginning of knowledge is sensory knowledge.
(c) all knowledge is derived exclusively from the senses.
(d) all knowledge is a priori knowledge, but each person must find it.

5. Herried is designated a Western town by the Narrator because
(a) the town is very dusty.
(b) things are far apart in the town.
(c) the town only has one street.
(d) the main gathering place is a saloon.

6. The Narrator approaches maintaining his motorcycle like
(a) a person entering a church for a religious rite.
(b) a person entering a home for refuge from the world.
(c) a person entering a theater for entertainment.
(d) a person entering a bar for refreshment.

7. The woman who finds him in his classroom
(a) was a teacher of his.
(b) was a colleague of his.
(c) was a student of his.
(d) was married to him.

8. The real university according to Phaedrus
(a) is a nonprofit corporation, which owns property and pays salaries to teaching staff and receives payment for teaching students.
(b) is a state of mind based on the heritage of rational thought, which is regenerated by a body of people.
(c) is a legal corporation, which owns property and pays salaries to teaching staff and receives payment for teaching students.
(d) is a facility created and operated by a state legislature for the purpose of educating students.

9. The plans of Chris and the Narrator are deliberately indefinite so that
(a) the vacation can be a good time of togetherness and relaxation.
(b) they do not have to account to anyone for their time.
(c) they can continue until their money is gone.
(d) they can keep changing their minds about their destination.

10. John complains about how difficult it is to photograph the
(a) motorcycles.
(b) prairie.
(c) Narrator and Chris.
(d) town of Ellendale.

11. The Narrator characterized the college as a "teaching college" by which he meant
(a) the professors taught the graduate students to teach, but stayed really busy teaching the grad students.
(b) the college was designed to prepare students to be teachers in schools and colleges.
(c) that only those who truly enjoyed teaching worked there since the college did not require research.
(d) the professors were burned out with teaching so many classes and never had time for research or contemplation.

12. The Narrator ended the trip to Canada on the motorcycle because
(a) The motorcycle seized up.
(b) The motorcycle was out of gas.
(c) It was raining too hard to ride a motorcycle.
(d) Chris got sick.

13. A person consists of a personality,
(a) bones and flesh.
(b) flesh and blood.
(c) bones and garments.
(d) flesh and legal statistics.

14. The travelers stay in cabins in Gardiner made by the owner who is a craftsman as evidenced by
(a) the sign that is hung in the cabin.
(b) the careful attention to detail in the windows, doors, and moldings.
(c) the many flowers planted around each cabin.
(d) how old the couple is who own the cabins.

15. What did he discover about his spark plugs?
(a) One was quite dirty, but the other was not.
(b) They were both quite dirty.
(c) They both looked fine.
(d) One was broken.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Narrator divides human understanding into

2. In all Oriental religions great value is placed upon

3. Above the timberline, the travelers see

4. Philosophy attempts to answer questions like:

5. A priori knowledge is an idea that was proposed by

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