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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 11, the Narrator and Chris seem
(a) at odds with one another.
(b) out of sorts with each other.
(c) uncharacteristically close to each other.
(d) oddly disconnected from each other.

2. The Narrator characterized the college as a "teaching college" by which he meant
(a) the professors taught the graduate students to teach, but stayed really busy teaching the grad students.
(b) that only those who truly enjoyed teaching worked there since the college did not require research.
(c) the professors were burned out with teaching so many classes and never had time for research or contemplation.
(d) the college was designed to prepare students to be teachers in schools and colleges.

3. A turning point in Phaedrus' life came about the time he saw
(a) a rice paddy from atop a mountain.
(b) a wall shining across a misty harbor.
(c) a double rainbow.
(d) his best friend die.

4. Phaedrus' stage fright concerning classroom teaching appeared to students as
(a) passionate teaching.
(b) a reticence to speak.
(c) an electrifying performance.
(d) extreme intensity.

5. Riding along the marshes reminds the Narrator of
(a) how cold winters can be.
(b) the opening of duck season.
(c) the loneliness of the two-lane road.
(d) the heat and humidity of the summer.

6. DeWeese had not like the "Church of Minorities" because
(a) it was by an unknown artist.
(b) it was not abstract.
(c) it was a print of a painting.
(d) it was not a very good painting.

7. The method of finding one's way through the hierarchies is by using
(a) the scientific method.
(b) intuition.
(c) logic.
(d) the system.

8. Who are the four people riding motorcycles on a journey?
(a) The Narrator, Chris Sutherland, John Sutherland, Sylvia
(b) Chris, his father the Narrator, John Sutherland, his wife Sylvia Sutherland
(c) John, Sylvia, Chris, Buddha
(d) John Sutherland, his son Chris, the Narrator, his wife Sylvia

9. John and Sylvia intensified their suffering by
(a) focusing on the heat.
(b) thinking about Phaedrus.
(c) fighting with the Narrator.
(d) worrying about Chris.

10. John is interested in
(a) what things mean.
(b) what things are.
(c) what things appear to be.
(d) what is the underlying form of things.

11. A Chautauqua is
(a) A carnival that sets up on the streets of small American towns.
(b) A Middle Eastern philosophy.
(c) A chat room on the internet for specialized discussions.
(d) A traveling tent-show meant to entertain and enlighten, once common in America.

12. The Narrator makes four observations about his lists of motorcycle parts. Which of the following is NOT one of those observations?
(a) The rider or operator is missing.
(b) The motorcycle is nearly impossible to understand by lists unless you already know how one works.
(c) The observer is missing.
(d) There are no value judgments.

13. Who suffered the most from Phaedrus' isolation?
(a) his brothers and sister
(b) his parents
(c) his wife and family
(d) his son

14. The woman who finds him in his classroom
(a) was married to him.
(b) was a colleague of his.
(c) was a teacher of his.
(d) was a student of his.

15. The point at which Phaedrus gave up on Oriental wisdom was when a professor called the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
(a) insightful.
(b) inflammatory.
(c) illusory.
(d) illustrious.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Narrator says that some cultures believe in ghosts in the same way that other cultures

2. Einstein said:

3. Phaedrus served in the

4. Sylvia is frightened by

5. The main point of the lecture was that

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