Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Riding along the marshes reminds the Narrator of
(a) the opening of duck season.
(b) how cold winters can be.
(c) the loneliness of the two-lane road.
(d) the heat and humidity of the summer.

2. At the summit of the mountain, the Narrator gets out
(a) his camera.
(b) his long underwear and jacket.
(c) his tools and adjusts the carburetors.
(d) his tools to adjust his chain.

3. Einstein said:
(a) Knowledge comes from intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience.
(b) The number of rational hypotheses that can explain any given phenomenon is infinite, increasing as more are tested.
(c) Scientific knowledge comes from nature. Nature provides the hypotheses.
(d) Knowledge comes from man. Man provides the hypotheses.

4. In chapter 11, the Narrator and Chris seem
(a) oddly disconnected from each other.
(b) at odds with one another.
(c) uncharacteristically close to each other.
(d) out of sorts with each other.

5. As the Narrator rides past the marshes he sees
(a) a pin-tail duck.
(b) a robin.
(c) a red-winged blackbird.
(d) a ring-tailed pheasant.

6. Herried is designated a Western town by the Narrator because
(a) the town is very dusty.
(b) the main gathering place is a saloon.
(c) things are far apart in the town.
(d) the town only has one street.

7. The method of finding one's way through the hierarchies is by using
(a) intuition.
(b) the scientific method.
(c) the system.
(d) logic.

8. Phaedrus gave up chasing the ghost of rationality and
(a) began chasing the ghost of materialism.
(b) buried himself in his research and writing.
(c) busied himself living a conventional life.
(d) went home to live with his parents and decide what to do.

9. John complains about how difficult it is to photograph the
(a) motorcycles.
(b) town of Ellendale.
(c) Narrator and Chris.
(d) prairie.

10. The Narrator characterized the college as a "teaching college" by which he meant
(a) the professors taught the graduate students to teach, but stayed really busy teaching the grad students.
(b) the college was designed to prepare students to be teachers in schools and colleges.
(c) the professors were burned out with teaching so many classes and never had time for research or contemplation.
(d) that only those who truly enjoyed teaching worked there since the college did not require research.

11. In all Oriental religions great value is placed upon
(a) the concept of logic as a means to final wisdom.
(b) the doctrine
(c) the lack of all activity for the sake of meditation.
(d) the separation of self and other.

12. John and Sylvia intensified their suffering by
(a) fighting with the Narrator.
(b) thinking about Phaedrus.
(c) worrying about Chris.
(d) focusing on the heat.

13. How many motorcycles are involved in this trip?
(a) 1 motorcycle
(b) 3 motorcycles
(c) 2 motorcycles
(d) 4 motorcycles

14. The Narrator's tenseness and apprehension about going back to Bozeman are similar to the feelings felt by
(a) a plumber about to unclog a toilet.
(b) an archeologist about to unearth a long-forgotten city.
(c) an archeologist about to open a long-sealed tomb.
(d) a geologist discovering a new vein of precious stones.

15. The back road route of traveling is better than the highway for all the following reasons EXCEPT
(a) Back roads have a welcome day-to-day sameness.
(b) It is easier to notice sensations on back roads.
(c) Back roads establish an indefinite time frame.
(d) Back roads impart a sense of

Short Answer Questions

1. Philosophy attempts to answer questions like:

2. The Narrator approaches maintaining his motorcycle like

3. Sylvia is frightened by

4. Which tappet needed adjustment?

5. Signs that they were approaching the High Plains included all EXCEPT

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