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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which tappet needed adjustment?
(a) #4
(b) #3
(c) #2
(d) #1

2. Chris relates that whichever child saw their father first
(a) would receive a nickel.
(b) would get to ride in the front seat next time.
(c) would get an ice cream cone.
(d) would receive a quarter.

3. The main point of the lecture was that
(a) his classroom was the only place at the university where students could find truth.
(b) the church is mandated to teach the truth and ignore threats against it.
(c) the location of the university has no application to the teaching of truth.
(d) the university, as the keeper of truth, must point students toward rational truth.

4. In all Oriental religions great value is placed upon
(a) the doctrine
(b) the concept of logic as a means to final wisdom.
(c) the separation of self and other.
(d) the lack of all activity for the sake of meditation.

5. The Narrator calls unnatural the divorce of
(a) teaching from sculpting.
(b) art from technology.
(c) technology from science.
(d) art from writing.

6. Who introduces the topic of ghost stories?
(a) Chris
(b) The Narrator
(c) Sylvia
(d) John

7. The high meadow is welcome like
(a) the promise of a new beginning.
(b) a rainbow.
(c) the rain in the spring.
(d) the promised land.

8. Phaedrus discovered that the science he'd once thought of as the whole world of knowledge is
(a) theoretic science.
(b) only a branch of philosophy.
(c) not cared about at all by Koreans.
(d) a natural continuation of the question that started him in science.

9. The Narrator does not want to go faster than
(a) forty-five miles per hour.
(b) fifty miles per hour.
(c) sixty-five miles per hour.
(d) sixty miles per hour.

10. The lecture delivered by Phaedrus in chapter 13 referenced
(a) a college dormitory with an electric beer sign over the front entrance.
(b) a church building which had been turned into a police station.
(c) a church building with an electric beer sign over the front entrance.
(d) a church whose minister was Socrates.

11. The theoretic component of man's existence corresponds to all EXCEPT
(a) the scientific process.
(b) classical thinking.
(c) Western thought.
(d) esthetics.

12. A person consists of a personality,
(a) bones and flesh.
(b) flesh and blood.
(c) bones and garments.
(d) flesh and legal statistics.

13. A topsy-turvy feeling of inadequacy results when
(a) old forms of thought do not give people a way to deal with new experiences.
(b) occultism, mysticism, and mind-altering drug use are widespread.
(c) a new world is discovered by Columbus.
(d) instantaneous rates of change create hang-ups.

14. John and Sylvia intensified their suffering by
(a) focusing on the heat.
(b) worrying about Chris.
(c) fighting with the Narrator.
(d) thinking about Phaedrus.

15. Einstein said:
(a) The number of rational hypotheses that can explain any given phenomenon is infinite, increasing as more are tested.
(b) Knowledge comes from intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience.
(c) Scientific knowledge comes from nature. Nature provides the hypotheses.
(d) Knowledge comes from man. Man provides the hypotheses.

Short Answer Questions

1. Riding along the marshes reminds the Narrator of

2. Sylvia says she thinks the Narrator looks like he saw a

3. A turning point in Phaedrus' life came about the time he saw

4. Sylvia is frightened by

5. In trying to explain what is wrong with the outdoor barbecue instructions, the Narrator expounds upon what is wrong with technology, which he says is

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