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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The real university according to Phaedrus
(a) is a state of mind based on the heritage of rational thought, which is regenerated by a body of people.
(b) is a nonprofit corporation, which owns property and pays salaries to teaching staff and receives payment for teaching students.
(c) is a legal corporation, which owns property and pays salaries to teaching staff and receives payment for teaching students.
(d) is a facility created and operated by a state legislature for the purpose of educating students.

2. Traveling by motorcycle is unique because
(a) You have to be aware of insects at all times.
(b) It is so frightening to have no protection from natural elements or vehicles.
(c) It puts you in the scene rather than observing the scene.
(d) It is a passive activity.

3. John complains about how difficult it is to photograph the
(a) Narrator and Chris.
(b) motorcycles.
(c) prairie.
(d) town of Ellendale.

4. The Narrator remembers going to a party and drinking too much. He lies down in a back room of the house and wakes up
(a) at home.
(b) in a heart hospital.
(c) in an insane hospital.
(d) riding a motorcycle.

5. The back road route of traveling is better than the highway for all the following reasons EXCEPT
(a) It is easier to notice sensations on back roads.
(b) Back roads impart a sense of
(c) Back roads establish an indefinite time frame.
(d) Back roads have a welcome day-to-day sameness.

6. Above the timberline, the travelers see
(a) snowbanks and alpine meadows.
(b) twisted and stunted little pine trees.
(c) a mountain lake.
(d) broadleaf trees.

7. Riding in a car is different from riding on a motorcycle because
(a) the ride in the car is very smooth while the ride on the motorcycle is very bumpy.
(b) everything goes by so fast it makes you dizzy to look out the window.
(c) when you are riding in a car you are always in a compartment looking at a frame like seeing the world on TV.
(d) riding in a car is like watching a movie you don't care about.

8. The main point of the lecture was that
(a) the church is mandated to teach the truth and ignore threats against it.
(b) the university, as the keeper of truth, must point students toward rational truth.
(c) his classroom was the only place at the university where students could find truth.
(d) the location of the university has no application to the teaching of truth.

9. Sylvia says she thinks the Narrator looks like he saw a
(a) ghost.
(b) alien.
(c) cat.
(d) wolf.

10. John and Sylvia intensified their suffering by
(a) focusing on the heat.
(b) thinking about Phaedrus.
(c) worrying about Chris.
(d) fighting with the Narrator.

11. As the Narrator rides past the marshes he sees
(a) a ring-tailed pheasant.
(b) a pin-tail duck.
(c) a robin.
(d) a red-winged blackbird.

12. Einstein said:
(a) Knowledge comes from man. Man provides the hypotheses.
(b) Knowledge comes from intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience.
(c) The number of rational hypotheses that can explain any given phenomenon is infinite, increasing as more are tested.
(d) Scientific knowledge comes from nature. Nature provides the hypotheses.

13. The woman who finds him in his classroom
(a) was a colleague of his.
(b) was married to him.
(c) was a teacher of his.
(d) was a student of his.

14. Phaedrus gave up chasing the ghost of rationality and
(a) went home to live with his parents and decide what to do.
(b) buried himself in his research and writing.
(c) busied himself living a conventional life.
(d) began chasing the ghost of materialism.

15. How does the Narrator know a storm is coming?
(a) He sees lightening flashing on the horizon.
(b) He sees fast-moving thick, black clouds sweeping across the landscape.
(c) He feels the cool wind against his cheek.
(d) He sees the edge of storm clouds on the horizon as they top a small hill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Phaedrus studied Oriental philosophy at

2. Annihilation ECS consisted of

3. The group crossed the Missouri River at

4. How many motorcycles are involved in this trip?

5. Chris remembers looking for his dad and

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