Objects & Places from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert M. Pirsig
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Object Descriptions

Motorcycle - This object was used to frame many of the Narrator's spiritual and philosophical discussions.

Screws - These objects represent the details of life that require caring attentiveness and are used by the Narrator to illustrate his ideas.

The Wall Across the Misty Harbor in Korea - This object is representative of a Quality technological product stemming from the peace of mind of its creators.

The Beer Can Shim - This object was used by the Narrator and John Sutherland to represent the beauty of underlying form as opposed to surface ugliness.

Mountains - These objects represent the world of rarefied ideas and intense experience: beautiful, but inherently dangerous.

Valleys - These objects represent everyday environments through which spiritual understanding can be developed through caring attentiveness to right living.

Precision Tools - These objects represent the particular habits of mind that result in apprehending and aligning...

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