Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Multiple Choice Test Questions

Robert M. Pirsig
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Chapter 1

1. Who are the four people riding motorcycles on a journey?
(a) The Narrator, Chris Sutherland, John Sutherland, Sylvia
(b) Chris, his father the Narrator, John Sutherland, his wife Sylvia Sutherland
(c) John Sutherland, his son Chris, the Narrator, his wife Sylvia
(d) John, Sylvia, Chris, Buddha

2. How many motorcycles are involved in this trip?
(a) 3 motorcycles
(b) 1 motorcycle
(c) 4 motorcycles
(d) 2 motorcycles

3. Traveling by motorcycle is unique because
(a) It is so frightening to have no protection from natural elements or vehicles.
(b) It puts you in the scene rather than observing the scene.
(c) You have to be aware of insects at all times.
(d) It is a passive activity.

4. The back road route of traveling is better than the highway for all the following reasons EXCEPT
(a) Back roads impart a sense of
(b) It is easier to notice sensations on back roads.
(c) Back roads have a welcome day-to-day sameness.
(d) Back roads establish an indefinite time frame.

5. A Chautauqua is
(a) A Middle Eastern philosophy.
(b) A traveling tent-show meant to entertain and enlighten, once common in America.
(c) A carnival that sets up on the streets of small American towns.
(d) A chat room on the internet for specialized discussions.

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