Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert M. Pirsig
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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

• The narrator and his son Chris embark on a cross-country motorcycle trip.

• John and Sylvia Sutherland join them.

• The narrator will be using the trip to develop a Chautauqua, a traveling tent-talk.

• John uses counterproductive techniques to start his motorcycle.

* Technology in the Narrator's thinking is a manifestation of the Buddha, or Godhead.

• Technology in John and Sylvia's thinking is "the enemy" known as "it."

Chapter 2, 3 and 4

• As the Narrator watches a storm develop, he reminisces about a trip to Canada.

• A missed turn causes adjustments to the developing trip plan.

• As the Narrator checks the engine temperature, he digresses to inform the reader about the reason for checking it frequently.

• The Narrator uses the story of the uncaring mechanics to give a sermonette on how important it is to care about what you do in order to do it right.

• The Narrator alludes to having been...

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