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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Palmer tells Dorothy there are two things they need to do so that Nipper will not come back. What are they?
(a) Go a long distance from home and confuse him.
(b) Go a long distance from him and blindfold him.
(c) Take Nipper to a place with water.
(d) Blindfold Nipper and leave him in a bush.

2. What does Palmer hear that lets him know the visitors are gone?
(a) Someone starting up a car.
(b) Two sharp, quick yelps.
(c) A slamming of the window.
(d) Two laughs.

3. What is Henry's real name?
(a) Sam.
(b) George.
(c) Steven.
(d) Jack.

4. What does Palmer do with his toy soldiers the day after the big battle he had staged with them and the enemy eraser?
(a) He puts them in his closet in a new box.
(b) He puts them back in his dresser drawer.
(c) He gives them back to his father.
(d) He buries them in the back yard.

5. Where has Palmer hidden after running away from the gang?
(a) Behind a dumpster behind the supermarket.
(b) In his bedroom with Nipper.
(c) At the park playground.
(d) At Dorothy's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the two benefits Palmer realizes from misbehaving in school?

2. Where did Palmer wake up the day after his birthday party?

3. What is the magic word according to the teacher of the class?

4. Why does Palmer's mother ask to come into his room?

5. What does Palmer's mother tell him she has seen on the stairway of the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Palmer's life change after Nipper is gone?

2. What example have Palmer and Nipper set for the children in the town? How can he tell his experience with Nipper has changed people's lives?

3. Palmer makes his plan to avoid confrontation with Beans and Mutto on the night of his birthday. What is his plan, and does it work?

4. What does Palmer find when her gets home to his room, and what does he decide at that moment?

5. What kinds of harassment do Beans and the gang inflict on Palmer after he has walked away from the gang? Why?

6. When Palmer attends the pigeon shoot this year, what does he come to realize about his memories of shoots from years passed?

7. How does Palmer attempt to trick Nipper into not finding him again when he is with his friends? Describe his solution. Does it seem like this would work?

8. What do the boys learn in wringer school? Who teaches the class? What does the teacher tell the boys is most important part of being a wringer?

9. In Chapter 29, what is Dorothy's solution to Palmer's problem? What does she do, and how does Palmer react?

10. Palmer has an emotional roller coaster ride when he recognizes Nipper flying above the field. What different feelings wash over him including finally holding Nipper in his hands again?

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