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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to see Palmer's room and check that there is no pigeon in the room?
(a) Beans.
(b) Bill.
(c) Mutto.
(d) Henry.

2. What does Mr. LaRue think of Palmer's friend Nipper?
(a) He is furious and wants Nipper out of the house immediately.
(b) He has accepted Nipper and even goes to see him at night with a flashlight.
(c) He feels sorry for his son because he has to be a wringer this summer.
(d) He explains he is allergic to birds.

3. What stories do the children hear about the pigeons in their crates awaiting the shoot?
(a) The crates are piled as high as a ten-year-old boy.
(b) The crates have been locked tight for weeks now.
(c) There are not enough pigeons yet for the shoot.
(d) The crates have been broken into and pigeons killed.

4. What does Palmer realize he has left in his room?
(a) The Honey Crunchers he feeds Nipper.
(b) HIs flashlight.
(c) Nipper's bed.
(d) HIs pillow.

5. What has Dorothy written on Palmer's nerf ball?
(a) Ringer.
(b) Nipper's Ball.
(c) Palmer's Pigeon.
(d) Ace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Palmer ask the gang over to see for themselves that the pigeon is gone?

2. Who does Palmer realize is the only member of the gang he is not afraid of?

3. Why does Palmer run upstairs after hearing about the cat?

4. What are the two benefits Palmer realizes from misbehaving in school?

5. Who is on the soccer field when the gang arrives?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Palmer refuses The Treatment from Farquar, what does he tell Beans when he is screaming at him? Why does he run from the gang then? What does Beans yell to Palmer as he is running away?

2. When Palmer attends the pigeon shoot this year, what does he come to realize about his memories of shoots from years passed?

3. When the boys line up to practice wringing a pigeon's neck, Palmer lines up with them. What is this experience like for Palmer?

4. In Chapter 32, Beans and the gang take Palmer to find Farquar for his birthday Treatment. When Beans demands that Farquar give Palmer the Treatment, he is faced with a bully bigger than himself. How does Beans respond to Farquar? How does Palmer?

5. Palmer explains to Dorothy that he is conflicted about school ending. What is the conflict he feels? At the end of the chapter, the narrator says "But another school was about to begin." Can you guess what this school is, and why it is beginning?

6. What do the boys learn in wringer school? Who teaches the class? What does the teacher tell the boys is most important part of being a wringer?

7. When Dorothy realizes all of the things Palmer has done to keep Nipper from harm, she calls him a hero. Why does Dorothy think Palmer is a hero? Does he feel like a hero?

8. What other issue between Dorothy and Palmer comes up in Chapter 29? How does Palmer feel about the situation? How does he resolve it?

9. How do Dorothy and Palmer finally get Nipper safely out of town and away from danger? How does their behavior then represent their mood?

10. Palmer is not excited on his birthday, not thrilled with presents or the presence of his friends. Many things hang heavy in his mind. What are some of the things that are troubling Palmer on his tenth birthday?

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