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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Palmer realize he has left in his room?
(a) HIs pillow.
(b) HIs flashlight.
(c) Nipper's bed.
(d) The Honey Crunchers he feeds Nipper.

2. What does the worker that Palmer meets give to him?
(a) A cold can of Sprite.
(b) A cold bottle of root beer.
(c) A popcicle.
(d) A Coke.

3. How do many of the pigeons come out of the boxes for the shoot?
(a) They are flying circles overhead and diving down to the shooters.
(b) They walk out, look around, then fly away.
(c) They are walking about or pecking for food rather than flying.
(d) They are flying away faster than they shooters can shoot.

4. What important question does Dorothy ask Palmer as his birthday approaches?
(a) Will he invite the gang to his party?
(b) WIll he invite her to his party?
(c) Will he have a party this year?
(d) Will he introduce Nipper to everyone at the party?

5. Where do Palmer and his friends go after cake and ice cream?
(a) To find Mr. LaRue's rifle.
(b) To find Mrs. LaRue and thank her for the cake.
(c) To find Farquar for The Treatment.
(d) To the mall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Palmer tells Dorothy there are two things they need to do so that Nipper will not come back. What are they?

2. Why does Dorothy begin laughing when Palmer is talking seriously about Nipper's possible fate?

3. What do Dorothy and Palmer decide to do with Nipper?

4. What does Dorothy do on Palmer's birthday?

5. How does the gang treat Palmer now that he has refused The Treatment and left them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Palmer makes his plan to avoid confrontation with Beans and Mutto on the night of his birthday. What is his plan, and does it work?

2. In Chapter 32, Beans and the gang take Palmer to find Farquar for his birthday Treatment. When Beans demands that Farquar give Palmer the Treatment, he is faced with a bully bigger than himself. How does Beans respond to Farquar? How does Palmer?

3. How does Palmer react when his mother tells he she and his father have known about Nipper for months?

4. When Dorothy realizes all of the things Palmer has done to keep Nipper from harm, she calls him a hero. Why does Dorothy think Palmer is a hero? Does he feel like a hero?

5. When the boys line up to practice wringing a pigeon's neck, Palmer lines up with them. What is this experience like for Palmer?

6. How does Palmer notice his father communicates with hum during Family Fest week? How does he describe this new communication?

7. What curious thing does Palmer notice at the Titans baseball game? What does it remind him of?

8. How does Palmer attempt to trick Nipper into not finding him again when he is with his friends? Describe his solution. Does it seem like this would work?

9. Palmer has an emotional roller coaster ride when he recognizes Nipper flying above the field. What different feelings wash over him including finally holding Nipper in his hands again?

10. What does Dorothy tell Palmer at the shoot that upsets him? How does he treat Dorothy? How does she respond?

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