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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Palmer explain to Dorothy when he tells her about his afternoon disagreement with the gang?
(a) Beans knows about Nipper and is going to try and hurt him.
(b) Beans has kicked Palmer out of the group and he is sad.
(c) Beans got his nickname from eating beans from a can.
(d) Beans is no longer interested in hurting Nipper, only Palmer.

2. How high is the stack of crates housing the pigeons for the shoot?
(a) Twice as high as Palmer's house.
(b) Twice as high as the goal posts.
(c) Twice as high as the telephone poles.
(d) Twice as high as the grandstand.

3. How does Henry behave in Palmer's room?
(a) Nervous and uncomfortable.
(b) Casual and unconcerned.
(c) Mean and teasing.
(d) Happy and playful.

4. What does Palmer hear that lets him know the visitors are gone?
(a) Someone starting up a car.
(b) A slamming of the window.
(c) Two sharp, quick yelps.
(d) Two laughs.

5. Why does Dorothy begin laughing when Palmer is talking seriously about Nipper's possible fate?
(a) Because Nipper is sitting on Palmer's head.
(b) Because Nipper is imitating Palmer's walk.
(c) Because Nipper has knocked over the comic books.
(d) Because Nipper has shot a basket with the Nerf ball.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palmer finally do on the last Monday of the school year?

2. What does Palmer come to realize about releasing Nipper?

3. Where does Palmer end up going on Saturday morning?

4. When Dorothy tells him he is famous, how does Palmer respond?

5. What did Palmer do when it was his turn to practice wringing a fake pigeon's neck?

Short Essay Questions

1. What example have Palmer and Nipper set for the children in the town? How can he tell his experience with Nipper has changed people's lives?

2. Palmer has an emotional roller coaster ride when he recognizes Nipper flying above the field. What different feelings wash over him including finally holding Nipper in his hands again?

3. Who does not attend Palmer's tenth birthday party and why? What do the boys want to talk to Mr. LaRue about? How does Mr. LaRue respond?

4. When the boys line up to practice wringing a pigeon's neck, Palmer lines up with them. What is this experience like for Palmer?

5. Palmer explains to Dorothy that he is conflicted about school ending. What is the conflict he feels? At the end of the chapter, the narrator says "But another school was about to begin." Can you guess what this school is, and why it is beginning?

6. What does Palmer find when her gets home to his room, and what does he decide at that moment?

7. What other issue between Dorothy and Palmer comes up in Chapter 29? How does Palmer feel about the situation? How does he resolve it?

8. What does Dorothy tell Palmer at the shoot that upsets him? How does he treat Dorothy? How does she respond?

9. When Palmer refuses The Treatment from Farquar, what does he tell Beans when he is screaming at him? Why does he run from the gang then? What does Beans yell to Palmer as he is running away?

10. In Chapter 29, what is Dorothy's solution to Palmer's problem? What does she do, and how does Palmer react?

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