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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the sacrifices Palmer sees he has made in order to save Nipper?
(a) He is not in the gang anymore, he is a liar, and he is a fake.
(b) He is not in the gang anymore, he feels he is a traitor, and his pet is gone.
(c) He is not in the gang anymore, Beans wants to get him, and he is a liar.
(d) He is not in the gang anymore, Nipper is gone, and he has lost Dorothy, too.

2. How does Palmer explain where he was when the gang came to his room the night before?
(a) He was sleeping in the guest room.
(b) He was sleeping at his cousin's house.
(c) He was sleeping in his parent's room.
(d) He was sleeping at a friend's house.

3. What did Palmer notice Mutto was carrying in his pocket on the way home from school?
(a) A dart.
(b) A BB gun.
(c) Candy.
(d) A slingshot.

4. What does Palmer decide the message on his cake means?
(a) He will have visitors in his room that night.
(b) He will get his birthday wish.
(c) Beans will try and catch Panther in Palmer's house.
(d) Nipper will not sleep in the closet tonight.

5. What happens after Nipper lands on Palmer's head?
(a) Beans apologizes to Palmer for his cruelty.
(b) Beans runs up, grabs Nipper, and throws him at the feet of the shooter.
(c) Beans grabs Nipper and wrings his neck.
(d) Beans laughs at Palmer and calls him Pigeonhead.

Short Answer Questions

1. The next day as they leave on their bikes, where do Palmer and Dorothy tell their families they are going?

2. Why does Dorothy begin laughing when Palmer is talking seriously about Nipper's possible fate?

3. What does Palmer imagine the gang is doing while he is hiding from them?

4. At the end of the day, why does Palmer feel he can smile?

5. Why does Palmer's mother ask to come into his room?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Palmer react when his mother tells he she and his father have known about Nipper for months?

2. What does Palmer find when her gets home to his room, and what does he decide at that moment?

3. In Chapter 32, Beans and the gang take Palmer to find Farquar for his birthday Treatment. When Beans demands that Farquar give Palmer the Treatment, he is faced with a bully bigger than himself. How does Beans respond to Farquar? How does Palmer?

4. Palmer explains to Dorothy that he is conflicted about school ending. What is the conflict he feels? At the end of the chapter, the narrator says "But another school was about to begin." Can you guess what this school is, and why it is beginning?

5. When Palmer attends the pigeon shoot this year, what does he come to realize about his memories of shoots from years passed?

6. Why does Palmer choose Henry to invite up to his room to prove Nipper is no longer there? What happens between them when Henry is in Palmer's room?

7. How does Palmer notice his father communicates with hum during Family Fest week? How does he describe this new communication?

8. Why are Dorothy and Palmer certain they must get Nipper out of town? What other options do they have?

9. How does Palmer attempt to trick Nipper into not finding him again when he is with his friends? Describe his solution. Does it seem like this would work?

10. What do the boys learn in wringer school? Who teaches the class? What does the teacher tell the boys is most important part of being a wringer?

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