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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the day, why does Palmer feel he can smile?
(a) Because the day is over.
(b) Because he has successfuly fooled his teacher.
(c) Because he is going to a new school in the fall.
(d) Because he has finished this school year and kept Nipper hidden.

2. Why is the gang waiting for Palmer when he comes out of detention?
(a) Mutto says "there was nothing else to do."
(b) The gang was not waiting when Palmer left detention.
(c) Beans explains "you get punished, we wait."
(d) Henry says "we wanted to hear about what happened."

3. What does Palmer do when he knows the bird circling the field is Nipper?
(a) He runs off the field hoping Nipper will chase him.
(b) He calls for his parents and points at the bird.
(c) He covers his face hoping Nipper will not land and be shot.
(d) He waves and cries out for his bird.

4. What do Dorothy and Palmer finally decide to do with Nipper?
(a) Dorothy will hide Nipper in her room until the gang leaves Palmer alone.
(b) Let Palmer's parents help them make a plan for Nipper.
(c) Release Nipper in the park and leave food for him there.
(d) Dorothy will release him far away while she is on vacation.

5. What does Dorothy suggest Palmer do to end his problem of not wanting to be a wringer?
(a) Tell everyone he is not a murderer.
(b) Tell everyone he does not want to wring pigeons' necks.
(c) Tell everyone he is allergic to birds.
(d) Tell everyone he is moving away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Palmer fearful the teacher would notice about him?

2. What does Palmer decide to wear to school on the last day?

3. What does Palmer come to realize about releasing Nipper?

4. Palmer tells Dorothy there are two things they need to do so that Nipper will not come back. What are they?

5. Where has Palmer hidden after running away from the gang?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Palmer refuses The Treatment from Farquar, what does he tell Beans when he is screaming at him? Why does he run from the gang then? What does Beans yell to Palmer as he is running away?

2. In Chapter 32, Beans and the gang take Palmer to find Farquar for his birthday Treatment. When Beans demands that Farquar give Palmer the Treatment, he is faced with a bully bigger than himself. How does Beans respond to Farquar? How does Palmer?

3. After refusing The Treatment and leaving the gang, Palmer again places Nipper's needs above his. What does he decide to do next?

4. How do Dorothy and Palmer finally get Nipper safely out of town and away from danger? How does their behavior then represent their mood?

5. Why does Palmer choose Henry to invite up to his room to prove Nipper is no longer there? What happens between them when Henry is in Palmer's room?

6. What does Palmer find written on the icing of his cake later in the evening of his birthday? Who does he believe wrote it? What does he think it means?

7. When the gang finds out from Palmer what he did in school to deserve an after-school punishment, how do they react? How does Palmer feel? What else does he do in order to stay in school a little longer?

8. Who does not attend Palmer's tenth birthday party and why? What do the boys want to talk to Mr. LaRue about? How does Mr. LaRue respond?

9. How does Palmer react when his mother tells he she and his father have known about Nipper for months?

10. How does Palmer's life change after Nipper is gone?

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