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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Palmer feeling so badly on his birthday?
(a) He knows he will never have a brother.
(b) He knows he will now have to be a wringer.
(c) He knows he will have more chores around the house.
(d) He knows his parents will find out about Nipper.

2. Why does Dorothy begin laughing when Palmer is talking seriously about Nipper's possible fate?
(a) Because Nipper is sitting on Palmer's head.
(b) Because Nipper is imitating Palmer's walk.
(c) Because Nipper has shot a basket with the Nerf ball.
(d) Because Nipper has knocked over the comic books.

3. How does Palmer react to what his mother tells him?
(a) He denies everything and gets angry.
(b) He cries in relief in her arms.
(c) He says he will clean his room that night.
(d) He asks her to leave his room.

4. Where do Palmer and his friends go after cake and ice cream?
(a) To find Mrs. LaRue and thank her for the cake.
(b) To find Farquar for The Treatment.
(c) To the mall.
(d) To find Mr. LaRue's rifle.

5. Who is on the soccer field when the gang arrives?
(a) The kids from the Boy Scout troop.
(b) The gang and Mr. LaRue.
(c) The other ten year olds and the teacher.
(d) The gang and Beans's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Palmer notice Mutto was carrying in his pocket on the way home from school?

2. What happens after Nipper lands on Palmer's head?

3. As Palmer approaches his house, what is he worried about?

4. What does Palmer imagine while looking for Nipper in the pigeon crates?

5. Who are the two people who did not show up for Palmer's tenth birthday party?

Short Essay Questions

1. After refusing The Treatment and leaving the gang, Palmer again places Nipper's needs above his. What does he decide to do next?

2. How does Palmer's life change after Nipper is gone?

3. What do the boys learn in wringer school? Who teaches the class? What does the teacher tell the boys is most important part of being a wringer?

4. What other issue between Dorothy and Palmer comes up in Chapter 29? How does Palmer feel about the situation? How does he resolve it?

5. Palmer has an emotional roller coaster ride when he recognizes Nipper flying above the field. What different feelings wash over him including finally holding Nipper in his hands again?

6. How does Palmer notice his father communicates with hum during Family Fest week? How does he describe this new communication?

7. What does Palmer find when her gets home to his room, and what does he decide at that moment?

8. Why are Dorothy and Palmer certain they must get Nipper out of town? What other options do they have?

9. When the boys line up to practice wringing a pigeon's neck, Palmer lines up with them. What is this experience like for Palmer?

10. In Chapter 29, what is Dorothy's solution to Palmer's problem? What does she do, and how does Palmer react?

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