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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the town sponsor a pigeon shoot?
(a) To raise money for the playground.
(b) To raise money for the school.
(c) To raise money for the transit system.
(d) To raise money for the baseball team.

2. What new experience does Palmer have when falling asleep after talking to his mother?
(a) He falls asleep and dreams about pigeons.
(b) He falls asleep and has nightmares about snow.
(c) He does not sleep alone, his pigeon is sleeping in his room.
(d) He does not fall asleep, worried that his pigeon will peck on him.

3. With what ritual do the boys in town associate Farquar?
(a) The Treatment.
(b) The BIrthday Spankings.
(c) The Playground Bully.
(d) The Birthday Cake.

4. What does Palmer declare in front of the gang?
(a) "I am going to run away from home!"
(b) "I am not going to speak to Dorothy again!"
(c) "I am going to be the best wringer there ever was!"
(d) "I am moving to another city!"

5. Where is Palmer to meet the gang on Saturday for the pigeon shoot?
(a) At the World War I cannon.
(b) At the ferris wheel.
(c) At the baseball field.
(d) At the pigeon cages.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Palmer's dream, what does a pigeon's eye look like?

2. What does Palmer say to Nipper when the bird comes home after his flight over the town?

3. Why does Beans continue to treestump and tease Dorothy?

4. Who is Fishface?

5. What are some of the things Palmer apologizes for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Palmer waits for Nipper to return in Chapter 22 and by nightfall Nipper has not done so. How does Palmer react to the pigeon's disappearance? How does his mood change when Nipper returns? What important decision does Palmer make when Nipper returns?

2. What are some of Palmer's memories of his first pigeon shoot? What does this tell us about Palmer?

3. Palmer tries to explain to Dorothy why he cannot tell people he does not want to be a wringer. What kinds of pressure does he feel? How does he think people will react?

4. For his birthday, Palmer gets an old apple core, an old sock, and a cigar butt from his new friends. What makes these gifts special? How does Palmer react to his mother's gifts?

5. How does Palmer resolve his problems of meeting his friends at the cannon on the day of the pigeon shoot? Why? What do we learn about Palmer?

6. Palmer describes the wish he should make after Nipper has been seen in the sky by the gang. What is that wish? Why can't he make that wish?

7. In Chapter 25, Palmer has a wonderful day in which he is relaxed and happy. The day dissolves into emotional distress. What happens to make Palmer nervous and upset? What two parts of Palmer's personality come into conflict?

8. In Chapter Three, Palmer joins his new friends out on the street. When Beans asks about Dorothy, Palmer does not answer at first. How does Palmer initially react to the gang's behavior toward Dorothy? Why does he join them as they run down the street after their prank?

9. Palmer begins to identify a certain smell associated with the pigeon shoot. Describe the smell and how it injects itself into Palmer's life.

10. When Palmer opens the door on his birthday and finds Beans, Mutto and Henry there, he is elated. Why? Who are these boys? What do they represent in Palmer's life?

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