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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Palmer describe the weeks following his birthday?
(a) A barrel of laughs with the gang.
(b) A parade and Palmer is the grand marshall.
(c) A time like any other.
(d) A lonely and anxious time.

2. Why does Nipper fly around the house once or twice before flying away in the morning?
(a) To say goodbye to Palmer.
(b) To look for other pigeons before leaving.
(c) To set the compass in his head in order to return.
(d) To tease Beans and the rest of the gang.

3. What does Beans tell the gang?
(a) He is ten and he is bad.
(b) He is ten and he is quitting school.
(c) He is ten and he is the leader.
(d) He is ten and he is a wringer.

4. What does Palmer ask of his mother one evening before bed?
(a) Palmer asks her to please buy pigeon food.
(b) Palmer asks her to please knock before coming in to his room.
(c) Palmer asks her to please do his laundry.
(d) Palmer asks her to please call him Snots.

5. How old was Palmer on his first Pigeon Day?
(a) Two.
(b) Five.
(c) Four.
(d) Eight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palmer hear in his dream on the night of his birthday?

2. What do the boys see after pulling their prank at Dorothy's house?

3. Who has Palmer invited to his birthday party?

4. What does Palmer think to himself when Beans makes his announcement to his friends at the soccer field?

5. What does Palmer try to convince the gang about the pigeon?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Palmer opens the door on his birthday and finds Beans, Mutto and Henry there, he is elated. Why? Who are these boys? What do they represent in Palmer's life?

2. Palmer begins to identify a certain smell associated with the pigeon shoot. Describe the smell and how it injects itself into Palmer's life.

3. How do Palmer's parents react to The Treatment?

4. What does Beans pull out of the freezer when the gang is at his house? What does he do with it? The author does not tell us how Palmer feels about what Beans has done. Based on what you know of Palmer, how does he feel about the prank?

5. Palmer waits for Nipper to return in Chapter 22 and by nightfall Nipper has not done so. How does Palmer react to the pigeon's disappearance? How does his mood change when Nipper returns? What important decision does Palmer make when Nipper returns?

6. How does Palmer react in Chapter 13 when he is awakened by tapping? Who does he think is at the window? What does he find?

7. When the boys find Farquar, he is on the soccer field and all but Palmer rush over to see him. Why does Palmer lag behind? What is he experiencing walking onto the field?

8. In Chapter Seven, how does Dorothy treat Palmer when he comes to show her his arm? How does he react?

9. In Chapter 25, Palmer has a wonderful day in which he is relaxed and happy. The day dissolves into emotional distress. What happens to make Palmer nervous and upset? What two parts of Palmer's personality come into conflict?

10. How does Palmer resolve his problems of meeting his friends at the cannon on the day of the pigeon shoot? Why? What do we learn about Palmer?

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