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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator describe Palmer's loneliness after Nipper is gone?
(a) Palmer is as "lonely as an umbrella in sunshine."
(b) Palmer is as "confused as a rabbit with a blindfold."
(c) Palmer is as "empty as a spent bullet cartridge."
(d) Palmer is as "empty as the cicada husks on the trees."

2. What was Palmer fearful the teacher would notice about him?
(a) That he did not want to be a wringer.
(b) That he had a pigeon for a pet.
(c) That he was frightened of birds.
(d) That he had not practiced like the other kids.

3. What disconcerting information does Dorothy give to Palmer during the shoot?
(a) She let Nipper loose at the railroad yards.
(b) She let Nipper loose at the neighboring town.
(c) She has kept Nipper in her closet all this time.
(d) She let Nipper loose at the beach.

4. What stories do the children hear about the pigeons in their crates awaiting the shoot?
(a) There are not enough pigeons yet for the shoot.
(b) The crates are piled as high as a ten-year-old boy.
(c) The crates have been locked tight for weeks now.
(d) The crates have been broken into and pigeons killed.

5. What do the kids call the teacher of the class?
(a) The Wringmaster.
(b) The Wringer Expert.
(c) The Pigeon Scout.
(d) The Death Machine.

6. What does Palmer realize while hiding from the gang?
(a) His mother might go into his room looking for him.
(b) Nipper is on his way to Palmer's bedroom window.
(c) The gang has given up on finding him.
(d) He is hungry and it is dinner time.

7. What has Dorothy written on Palmer's nerf ball?
(a) Ringer.
(b) Nipper's Ball.
(c) Palmer's Pigeon.
(d) Ace.

8. Where does Palmer go on his bike on Friday night?
(a) To the old train station to see the pigeons.
(b) To Dorothy's house.
(c) To the movies.
(d) To the soccer field.

9. What does Palmer find in his bedroom when he rushes in?
(a) Dorothy playing with Nipper and his Nerf ball.
(b) Nipper at the window and Dorothy shooting baskets.
(c) His mother looking at the mess in his room.
(d) Nipper at the window and the yellow cat on his bed.

10. Who comes to see Palmer's room and check that there is no pigeon in the room?
(a) Henry.
(b) Bill.
(c) Mutto.
(d) Beans.

11. What happens when Dorothy and Palmer return to Palmer's bedroom?
(a) Beans and Mutto are waiting at the door.
(b) Palmer's mother has fresh baked cookies waiting.
(c) Palmer's father wants to go to a ball game.
(d) Nipper is waiting at the window.

12. What does Palmer hear that lets him know the visitors are gone?
(a) Two laughs.
(b) A slamming of the window.
(c) Someone starting up a car.
(d) Two sharp, quick yelps.

13. With what does Palmer play in his room alone?
(a) With the new Nerf football he bought.
(b) With the soldiers his father gave him for his birthday.
(c) With the shoe box that Nipper roosted in.
(d) With the new Lego set his parents gave him after Nipper left.

14. Where does Palmer's dad take him one evening, just the two of them?
(a) To the movies to see "Independence Day."
(b) To a baseball game in a nearby town.
(c) To a basketball game at the downtown arena.
(d) To the mall to play video games.

15. What does Palmer do to get himself detention after school?
(a) He writes on the walls of the room.
(b) He skips school.
(c) He spits on the floor of his classroom.
(d) He curses at his teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palmer's dad get for him?

2. What color are the uniforms of the Titans?

3. How does Palmer react to what his mother tells him?

4. How does Henry behave in Palmer's room?

5. What does Dorothy suggest Palmer do to end his problem of not wanting to be a wringer?

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