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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Palmer recognize as wringers, and what do they each do?
(a) Beans and Mutto working alone as wringers.
(b) Henry who wrings with his older brothers.
(c) Beans, Mutto and Henry who all wring the pigeon's necks.
(d) Beans who wrings, Mutto who wrings, and Henry who bags the dead pigeons.

2. With what does Palmer play in his room alone?
(a) With the shoe box that Nipper roosted in.
(b) With the new Lego set his parents gave him after Nipper left.
(c) With the new Nerf football he bought.
(d) With the soldiers his father gave him for his birthday.

3. How does Palmer explain where he was when the gang came to his room the night before?
(a) He was sleeping at a friend's house.
(b) He was sleeping at his cousin's house.
(c) He was sleeping in his parent's room.
(d) He was sleeping in the guest room.

4. What happens when Dorothy and Palmer return to Palmer's bedroom?
(a) Beans and Mutto are waiting at the door.
(b) Palmer's mother has fresh baked cookies waiting.
(c) Palmer's father wants to go to a ball game.
(d) Nipper is waiting at the window.

5. At the end of the day, why does Palmer feel he can smile?
(a) Because he is going to a new school in the fall.
(b) Because he has finished this school year and kept Nipper hidden.
(c) Because he has successfuly fooled his teacher.
(d) Because the day is over.

6. Who are the two people who did not show up for Palmer's tenth birthday party?
(a) Mutto and Mrs. LaRue.
(b) Beans and Dorothy.
(c) Dorothy and Mrs. LaRue.
(d) Henry and Mr. LaRue.

7. Who is on the soccer field when the gang arrives?
(a) The gang and Beans's father.
(b) The other ten year olds and the teacher.
(c) The kids from the Boy Scout troop.
(d) The gang and Mr. LaRue.

8. What do Dorothy and Palmer finally decide to do with Nipper?
(a) Dorothy will hide Nipper in her room until the gang leaves Palmer alone.
(b) Release Nipper in the park and leave food for him there.
(c) Dorothy will release him far away while she is on vacation.
(d) Let Palmer's parents help them make a plan for Nipper.

9. What is the magic word according to the teacher of the class?
(a) "Pigeon!"
(b) "Fast!"
(c) "I got it!"
(d) "Wring!"

10. What does Palmer decide the message on his cake means?
(a) Nipper will not sleep in the closet tonight.
(b) He will have visitors in his room that night.
(c) Beans will try and catch Panther in Palmer's house.
(d) He will get his birthday wish.

11. As Palmer walks away, Nipper in his hands, what does he hear a small child say?
(a) "Why does he get to keep the pigeon?"
(b) "No fair!"
(c) "Is he dead, mister?"
(d) "Can I have one too, Daddy?"

12. What important question does Dorothy ask Palmer as his birthday approaches?
(a) WIll he invite her to his party?
(b) Will he introduce Nipper to everyone at the party?
(c) Will he invite the gang to his party?
(d) Will he have a party this year?

13. How does the narrator describe Palmer's loneliness after Nipper is gone?
(a) Palmer is as "empty as the cicada husks on the trees."
(b) Palmer is as "confused as a rabbit with a blindfold."
(c) Palmer is as "empty as a spent bullet cartridge."
(d) Palmer is as "lonely as an umbrella in sunshine."

14. What does Palmer immediately do when Nipper is thrown to the shooter?
(a) He runs to the wringmaster and asks that Beans be punished.
(b) He runs to the bird, sliding on his belly to protect him from the shooter.
(c) He runs away from the field, certain Nipper will be killed.
(d) He runs to the shooter and begs him not to kill Nipper.

15. What does Palmer decide to wear to school on the last day?
(a) A stocking cap.
(b) A hockey mask.
(c) His elephant mask.
(d) A football helmet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palmer realize while hiding from the gang?

2. What does Palmer do right before getting The Treatment?

3. Where does Palmer end up going on Saturday morning?

4. Why does Dorothy begin laughing when Palmer is talking seriously about Nipper's possible fate?

5. How has Palmer's dad been treating him since Nipper left?

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