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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Palmer go to the Family Fest?
(a) The gang.
(b) No one.
(c) Dorothy.
(d) His mother and father.

2. Where do Palmer and his friends go after cake and ice cream?
(a) To the mall.
(b) To find Mrs. LaRue and thank her for the cake.
(c) To find Mr. LaRue's rifle.
(d) To find Farquar for The Treatment.

3. What does Palmer find on his birthday cake later in the evening?
(a) "Nipper."
(b) "Beware."
(c) "Tonight."
(d) "Happy birthday, snots."

4. What does Palmer do when he knows the bird circling the field is Nipper?
(a) He calls for his parents and points at the bird.
(b) He waves and cries out for his bird.
(c) He covers his face hoping Nipper will not land and be shot.
(d) He runs off the field hoping Nipper will chase him.

5. Why does Palmer run upstairs after hearing about the cat?
(a) He knows there is no cat and she thinks he has a pigeon.
(b) He is afraid he will tell his mother about Nipper.
(c) He wants to make sure his windows are all closed.
(d) He knows she saw Panther, and wants to check on Nipper.

6. At the end of the day, why does Palmer feel he can smile?
(a) Because the day is over.
(b) Because he has successfuly fooled his teacher.
(c) Because he has finished this school year and kept Nipper hidden.
(d) Because he is going to a new school in the fall.

7. What does Palmer immediately do when Nipper is thrown to the shooter?
(a) He runs to the shooter and begs him not to kill Nipper.
(b) He runs to the bird, sliding on his belly to protect him from the shooter.
(c) He runs to the wringmaster and asks that Beans be punished.
(d) He runs away from the field, certain Nipper will be killed.

8. When Dorothy tells him he is famous, how does Palmer respond?
(a) He likes being famous and wants to be known as a clown.
(b) He does not want to be famous, he wants to be infamous.
(c) He does not like people talking about him behind his back.
(d) He does not want to be famous, he wants to be invisible.

9. What do Dorothy and Palmer finally decide to do with Nipper?
(a) Dorothy will release him far away while she is on vacation.
(b) Let Palmer's parents help them make a plan for Nipper.
(c) Release Nipper in the park and leave food for him there.
(d) Dorothy will hide Nipper in her room until the gang leaves Palmer alone.

10. What does Palmer find in his bedroom when he rushes in?
(a) Nipper at the window and the yellow cat on his bed.
(b) His mother looking at the mess in his room.
(c) Dorothy playing with Nipper and his Nerf ball.
(d) Nipper at the window and Dorothy shooting baskets.

11. What does Dorothy suggest Palmer do to end his problem of not wanting to be a wringer?
(a) Tell everyone he is not a murderer.
(b) Tell everyone he does not want to wring pigeons' necks.
(c) Tell everyone he is allergic to birds.
(d) Tell everyone he is moving away.

12. For what does Palmer thank Henry?
(a) Answering his questions.
(b) The warning on his birthday cake.
(c) His birthday present.
(d) Not messing up his room on the search.

13. What happens when Dorothy and Palmer return to Palmer's bedroom?
(a) Beans and Mutto are waiting at the door.
(b) Palmer's father wants to go to a ball game.
(c) Palmer's mother has fresh baked cookies waiting.
(d) Nipper is waiting at the window.

14. How do many of the pigeons come out of the boxes for the shoot?
(a) They are walking about or pecking for food rather than flying.
(b) They are flying away faster than they shooters can shoot.
(c) They walk out, look around, then fly away.
(d) They are flying circles overhead and diving down to the shooters.

15. What was Palmer fearful the teacher would notice about him?
(a) That he had not practiced like the other kids.
(b) That he had a pigeon for a pet.
(c) That he was frightened of birds.
(d) That he did not want to be a wringer.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henry behave in Palmer's room?

2. What do Dorothy and Palmer decide to do with Nipper?

3. Who comes to see Palmer's room and check that there is no pigeon in the room?

4. What are some of the ways Palmer says the gang might try to kill Nipper?

5. What disconcerting information does Dorothy give to Palmer during the shoot?

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