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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Beans holding when he came to the door the morning after the party?
(a) The Nerf ball with Nipper's name on it.
(b) The basketball Palmer got for his birthday.
(c) Dorothy's diary.
(d) Palmer's baseball cap.

2. Where does Palmer end up going on Saturday morning?
(a) He goes to the pigeon shoot.
(b) He goes to Dorothy's house.
(c) He goes to the mall.
(d) He goes to his cousin's house.

3. What does Palmer explain to Dorothy when he tells her about his afternoon disagreement with the gang?
(a) Beans has kicked Palmer out of the group and he is sad.
(b) Beans knows about Nipper and is going to try and hurt him.
(c) Beans got his nickname from eating beans from a can.
(d) Beans is no longer interested in hurting Nipper, only Palmer.

4. What is the magic word according to the teacher of the class?
(a) "I got it!"
(b) "Wring!"
(c) "Fast!"
(d) "Pigeon!"

5. Why is Palmer feeling so badly on his birthday?
(a) He knows he will now have to be a wringer.
(b) He knows his parents will find out about Nipper.
(c) He knows he will never have a brother.
(d) He knows he will have more chores around the house.

6. What do the kids call the teacher of the class?
(a) The Wringer Expert.
(b) The Death Machine.
(c) The Wringmaster.
(d) The Pigeon Scout.

7. What does Palmer find in his bedroom when he rushes in?
(a) His mother looking at the mess in his room.
(b) Nipper at the window and Dorothy shooting baskets.
(c) Nipper at the window and the yellow cat on his bed.
(d) Dorothy playing with Nipper and his Nerf ball.

8. How does Beans react to Palmer's running away from the gang?
(a) He tells Henry to go after Palmer and bring him back.
(b) He yells to Palmer that he is no longer in the gang.
(c) He mumbles to himself and walks away.
(d) He screams at Palmer that he will pull the heads of both Palmer and his pigeon.

9. What did Palmer notice Mutto was carrying in his pocket on the way home from school?
(a) A dart.
(b) Candy.
(c) A BB gun.
(d) A slingshot.

10. What are some of the ways Palmer says the gang might try to kill Nipper?
(a) Nets, pellet guns, and traps.
(b) Slingshots, BB guns, and poison.
(c) Slingshots, pellet guns, and nets.
(d) Poison, traps, and slingshots.

11. How does Henry behave in Palmer's room?
(a) Nervous and uncomfortable.
(b) Mean and teasing.
(c) Casual and unconcerned.
(d) Happy and playful.

12. Who brings Nipper into the meadow and then into the woods?
(a) They both take him in and leave him.
(b) Dorothy does since she has the basket.
(c) Palmer does on Dorothy's bike.
(d) Neither one, they set him free at the meadow's edge.

13. To what school do Beans and the gang bring Palmer?
(a) Wringer school.
(b) Riflery school.
(c) Summer school.
(d) Music school.

14. What color are the uniforms of the Titans?
(a) Yellow.
(b) Orange.
(c) Red.
(d) Green.

15. How does the narrator describe Palmer's loneliness after Nipper is gone?
(a) Palmer is as "lonely as an umbrella in sunshine."
(b) Palmer is as "empty as a spent bullet cartridge."
(c) Palmer is as "confused as a rabbit with a blindfold."
(d) Palmer is as "empty as the cicada husks on the trees."

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Palmer fearful the teacher would notice about him?

2. Who is on the soccer field when the gang arrives?

3. What does Palmer find on his birthday cake later in the evening?

4. Why does Dorothy begin laughing when Palmer is talking seriously about Nipper's possible fate?

5. What are the two benefits Palmer realizes from misbehaving in school?

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