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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Palmer imagine Beans lives?
(a) In a lean-to or a cave by the creek.
(b) In a shelter for the homeless.
(c) In an orphanage.
(d) In a mansion with his parents.

2. In Palmer's dream, what does a pigeon's eye look like?
(a) A coat button, blue with an orange center.
(b) A coat button, orange with a black ring around it.
(c) A shirt button, orange with a black dot in the center.
(d) A shirt button, black with an orange dot in the center.

3. How does Palmer decide to handle Saturday and the pigeon shoot?
(a) He leaves with his family for the weekend.
(b) He goes with Dorothy's family to the neighboring town to shop.
(c) He runs away from home.
(d) He pretends to be sick and stays home all day.

4. With what ritual do the boys in town associate Farquar?
(a) The Treatment.
(b) The Birthday Cake.
(c) The BIrthday Spankings.
(d) The Playground Bully.

5. How does Palmer learn about pigeons?
(a) He borrows a book from the library.
(b) He asks Dorothy if she knows anything about pigeons.
(c) He buys a book at the bookstore.
(d) He talks to his father about pigeons.

6. Where does Palmer's pigeon sleep?
(a) Under his bed.
(b) On the windowsill.
(c) In his closet.
(d) In the snow.

7. What other things does Beans do to try and get a reaction from Dorothy?
(a) Make faces, screams, dumps beans on her shoes, takes her hat.
(b) Pushes her, screams, throws her hat away.
(c) Screams, steals her books, throws her papers away.
(d) Trips her, calls her names, rips up her homework papers.

8. What is treestumping?
(a) Standing in front of a tree and throwing snowballs at houses.
(b) Standing in front of Dorothy like a tree to block her walking.
(c) Standing behind a tree and throwing snowballs at passing cars.
(d) Standing behind a tree and throwing a snowball at Dorothy.

9. Why does the town sponsor a pigeon shoot?
(a) To raise money for the school.
(b) To raise money for the playground.
(c) To raise money for the transit system.
(d) To raise money for the baseball team.

10. What do the boys see after pulling their prank at Dorothy's house?
(a) A hawk flying overhead.
(b) A jet airplane in the sky.
(c) A cat with a mouse in its mouth.
(d) A pigeon flying in the sky.

11. What are some of the things Palmer apologizes for?
(a) Calling Dorothy ugly, the Panther prank, treestumping.
(b) Pelting Dorothy with mud, a cat trick, teasing her.
(c) Hitting Dorothy, ruining her hopscotch game, teasing her.
(d) Calling Dorothy Fishface, the muskrat prank, treestumping.

12. While he is with the gang deciding what to do next, what amazing thing happens to Palmer in front of the gang?
(a) Palmer kisses Dorothy.
(b) Nipper bites Beans on the nose.
(c) Nipper lands on his head.
(d) He falls and breaks his leg.

13. What does Beans tell the gang?
(a) He is ten and he is quitting school.
(b) He is ten and he is bad.
(c) He is ten and he is the leader.
(d) He is ten and he is a wringer.

14. Who is the one person who does not care about Palmer's bruised arm?
(a) Nipper.
(b) Dorothy.
(c) Palmer's mother.
(d) Beans.

15. How many pigeons are gathered for the pigeon shoot, according to Palmer's dad?
(a) Five thousand.
(b) Eight hundred.
(c) One thousand.
(d) Five hundred.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Fishface?

2. Who do the boys see at the playground on Palmer's birthday?

3. What does Palmer declare in front of the gang?

4. What does Palmer believe he will receive from lasting out his time with Farquar?

5. Who is tapping at Palmer's window early one morning?

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