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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Palmer explain where he was when the gang came to his room the night before?
(a) He was sleeping in his parent's room.
(b) He was sleeping at a friend's house.
(c) He was sleeping in the guest room.
(d) He was sleeping at his cousin's house.

2. To what school do Beans and the gang bring Palmer?
(a) Summer school.
(b) Music school.
(c) Wringer school.
(d) Riflery school.

3. What are the two benefits Palmer realizes from misbehaving in school?
(a) He is the class clown and the best student in his class.
(b) He is the subject of gossip and gets lots of attention.
(c) He is made to stay after school and he is more popular.
(d) He is forced to sit in the back of the room and flirt with girls.

4. What does Palmer decide to do to avoid the warning?
(a) Tell his parents he is afraid of Beans.
(b) Open the window and make Nipper fly away.
(c) Spend the night at Dorothy's.
(d) Take Nipper and sleep somewhere else in the house.

5. What important question does Dorothy ask Palmer as his birthday approaches?
(a) Will he invite the gang to his party?
(b) Will he have a party this year?
(c) Will he introduce Nipper to everyone at the party?
(d) WIll he invite her to his party?

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Palmer feed the pigeon?

2. How does Palmer decide to handle Saturday and the pigeon shoot?

3. What hovers before Palmer's eyes before he runs after his friends to the playground?

4. What does Palmer imagine the gang is doing while he is hiding from them?

5. How does Palmer react to Bean's accusation?

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