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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the boys begin yelling at the park when they are playing their game?
(a) "Wringer! Wringer!"
(b) "Palmer is a chicken!"
(c) "Who is afraid of us?"
(d) "Where is Fishface?"

2. Of what does Beans accuse Palmer when they are walking back to their street?
(a) Being a poor wringer.
(b) Being a liar.
(c) Having a pigeon.
(d) Being Dorothy's friend.

3. For the gang, what makes a birthday official?
(a) A pigeon shoot.
(b) The Treatment.
(c) Turning ten.
(d) Cake and ice cream.

4. How does Palmer behave after chasing the bird down the street?
(a) He pretends nothing happened.
(b) He laughs at Mutto for swallowing his gum.
(c) He screams at Beans for scaring him.
(d) He pretends he hates pigeons.

5. What new experience does Palmer have when falling asleep after talking to his mother?
(a) He does not fall asleep, worried that his pigeon will peck on him.
(b) He falls asleep and dreams about pigeons.
(c) He does not sleep alone, his pigeon is sleeping in his room.
(d) He falls asleep and has nightmares about snow.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Palmer asks his mother why the boy wrung the pigeon's neck, what does she say?

2. Where does Palmer's pigeon sleep?

3. What does Palmer finally admit to Dorothy?

4. With whom does Palmer attend his second pigeon shoot?

5. Before going to sleep, what does Palmer do with his flashlight?

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