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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Palmer's dream, what does a pigeon's eye look like?
(a) A shirt button, black with an orange dot in the center.
(b) A coat button, orange with a black ring around it.
(c) A shirt button, orange with a black dot in the center.
(d) A coat button, blue with an orange center.

2. What did Palmer do when it was his turn to practice wringing a fake pigeon's neck?
(a) He threw the fake pigeon at the teacher.
(b) He screamed at the teacher and walked away.
(c) He wringed the fake pigeon's neck, threw it on the ground and walked away.
(d) He threw the fake pigeon at Beans and walked away.

3. What does Beans do when he sees a pigeon in the sky?
(a) Pulls out a bb gun and shoots at it.
(b) Chases it and wrings its neck.
(c) Pulls out a slingshot and shoots at it.
(d) Chases after it to an alley.

4. What smell comes to Palmer's nose as he walks onto the soccer field?
(a) The smell of barbeque.
(b) The smell of fresh baked cookies.
(c) The smell of gunsmoke from the pigeon shoot.
(d) The smell of roses.

5. When Palmer asks his mother why the boy wrung the pigeon's neck, what does she say?
(a) "To make the boy feel proud."
(b) "To put the pigeon out of its misery."
(c) "To let everyone know the pigeon shoot had started."
(d) "To help the pigeon go to heaven."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dorothy do on Palmer's birthday?

2. Before going to sleep, what does Palmer do with his flashlight?

3. How many different colors does Palmer count on the pigeon while the bird eats?

4. What does Palmer's mother tell him she has seen on the stairway of the house?

5. Where is Palmer to meet the gang on Saturday for the pigeon shoot?

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