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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Palmer begin to smell on his father when he sits in his dad's lap after the pigeon shoot?
(a) The smell of gunsmoke.
(b) The smell of cigarette smoke.
(c) The smell of cigar smoke.
(d) The smell of campfire smoke.

2. What happens when Dorothy and Palmer return to Palmer's bedroom?
(a) Beans and Mutto are waiting at the door.
(b) Nipper is waiting at the window.
(c) Palmer's mother has fresh baked cookies waiting.
(d) Palmer's father wants to go to a ball game.

3. How does Palmer react to what his mother tells him?
(a) He cries in relief in her arms.
(b) He says he will clean his room that night.
(c) He denies everything and gets angry.
(d) He asks her to leave his room.

4. How does Palmer describe the weeks following his birthday?
(a) A barrel of laughs with the gang.
(b) A lonely and anxious time.
(c) A time like any other.
(d) A parade and Palmer is the grand marshall.

5. What does Palmer decide to wear to school on the last day?
(a) A stocking cap.
(b) A football helmet.
(c) A hockey mask.
(d) His elephant mask.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Palmer imagine Beans lives?

2. Who brings Nipper into the meadow and then into the woods?

3. Why did Palmer have trouble concentrating at school?

4. Why does Palmer's mother ask to come into his room?

5. How does Palmer describe the feeling he has when he is with Dorothy?

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