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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Palmer give Dorothy to use in hopes of getting Nipper to stand on her head?
(a) A piece of candy.
(b) A few peanuts.
(c) A handful of Frankenbursts.
(d) A piece of cotton for her ear.

2. What does Palmer get for Christmas from his parents?
(a) A new red coat.
(b) A new red sled.
(c) A new red skateboard.
(d) A new red bicycle.

3. Before going to sleep, what does Palmer do with his flashlight?
(a) Checks inside his closet.
(b) Checks the bathroom.
(c) Checks outside his window.
(d) Checks his parent's room.

4. What does Palmer feel "lurking in shadowy doorways"?
(a) His mother's wrath.
(b) The end of school.
(c) Bean's birthday party.
(d) The pigeon shoot.

5. What diversion does Palmer create to keep the gang from coming to his house?
(a) Suggesting they snowball Dorothy's house.
(b) Suggesting they play on the soccer field.
(c) Suggesting they go to Mutto's house.
(d) Suggesting they go to the mall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Palmer find in his room when he comes home from Beans's party?

2. Who is the one person who does not care about Palmer's bruised arm?

3. What does Palmer finally do on the last Monday of the school year?

4. Who do Palmer and the gang attack with snowballs on their way to school one morning?

5. What do Beans, Mutto, Henry and Palmer sometimes call themselves?

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