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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the worker that Palmer meets give to him?
(a) A cold can of Sprite.
(b) A popcicle.
(c) A Coke.
(d) A cold bottle of root beer.

2. What does Palmer find in his bedroom when he rushes in?
(a) Nipper at the window and the yellow cat on his bed.
(b) His mother looking at the mess in his room.
(c) Nipper at the window and Dorothy shooting baskets.
(d) Dorothy playing with Nipper and his Nerf ball.

3. What does the pigeon do when Palmer opens the window the second evening?
(a) The pigeon hops to the desk and looks at Palmer.
(b) The pigeon flies away.
(c) The pigeon walks into Palmer's bedroom and up to his head.
(d) The pigeon flies around the room squawking.

4. As Palmer approaches his house, what is he worried about?
(a) Nipper will be dead.
(b) His father will be waiting for him to explain why he has a pigeon.
(c) The gang will be waiting at his house to beat him up.
(d) His mother will be angry because he is late for dinner.

5. Of what does Beans accuse Palmer when they are walking back to their street?
(a) Being a liar.
(b) Being a poor wringer.
(c) Being Dorothy's friend.
(d) Having a pigeon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What new experience does Palmer have when falling asleep after talking to his mother?

2. How does Palmer react to Bean's accusation?

3. What does Palmer realize while hiding from the gang?

4. What does Palmer ask the boys to check him for when the bird is gone?

5. How does Palmer feel when he arrives home after school and finds the pigeon gone?

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