Wringer Character Descriptions

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Palmer LaRue - This is the main character in the story who befriends a pigeon.

Palmer's Mother - This character is very unhappy with the gang of boys her son has chosen for friends.

Palmer's Father - This character has the golden Sharpshooter Award in his den.

Beans - This character is the unpleasant leader of the gang.

Mutto - This character is the gang leader's sidekick follower.

Henry - This is the gentler member of the gang who writes a warning in a birthday cake.

Farquar - This character gives out The Treatment on birthdays.

Dorothy Gruzik - This character is a true friend who helps save a pigeon from certain death.

Nipper - This is the pigeon who forges a friendship with one of the boys.

Wringmaster - This character instructs the boys on how to be a good wringer.

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