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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the book detailing the activities of Tyson's platoon in Vietnam?
(a) "Hue: The Color of Greed".
(b) "Hue: Ruthless American Action".
(c) "Hue: Death of a City".
(d) "Hue: Dreams Shattered".

2. What is the name of the attorney Tyson meets with after first seeing the book detailing the activities of his platoon in Vietnam?
(a) Phillip Sutter.
(b) Phillip Slater.
(c) Phillip Sloan.
(d) Phillip Stone.

3. When Tyson arrives at his office after seeing the book for the first time, what does Tyson have his secretary do?
(a) Cancel his appointments.
(b) Call the newspaper.
(c) Obtain a copy of the book.
(d) Call his wife.

4. What is the name of the man who quietly suggests that Tyson should leave the country?
(a) Russ Berg.
(b) David Tyson.
(c) Chet Brown.
(d) Phillip Sloan.

5. Who is the Army's Judge Advocate General?
(a) William Van Arken.
(b) Thomas Berg.
(c) Herbert Swenson.
(d) Fraser Duncan.

6. On the military base, what is Tyson's assigned position?
(a) An assistant librarian.
(b) An assistant special aide.
(c) An assistant museum curator.
(d) An assistant cook.

7. Just before Harper leaves the military base after visiting with Tyson, what does she suggest that Tyson do?
(a) Hire a military attorney.
(b) Flee the country.
(c) Plan for a guilty verdict.
(d) Say good-bye to his wife.

8. When Tyson goes to visit Andrew Picard, who does Tyson discover has also been to see Picard?
(a) Marcy Tyson.
(b) Cliff Watson.
(c) Karen Harper.
(d) Melinda Tyson.

9. What are the enlisted men offered in exchange for their testimony against Tyson?
(a) Probation.
(b) 2-5 years.
(c) Immunity.
(d) Community service.

10. Which of the men attending the jurisdictional meeting parts with an admonition to remember the potential penalties that Tyson and his men are facing?
(a) Thomas Berg.
(b) Herbert Swenson.
(c) William Van Arken.
(d) Fraser Duncan.

11. When Tyson is leaving his house, what does his limousine driver tell him?
(a) Tyson is a good man.
(b) They are being followed.
(c) They are not going back to the base.
(d) Tyson is a fool.

12. When Tyson's wife arrives home the day Tyson first learns of the book, what does Tyson's wife find him doing?
(a) Shouting.
(b) Praying.
(c) Crying.
(d) Napping.

13. Who does the government decide to put in charge of the investigation against Tyson?
(a) Major Truscott.
(b) Major Van Arken.
(c) Major Berg.
(d) Major Harper.

14. Who is the aide to the Secretary of Defense?
(a) Thomas Berg.
(b) Herbert Swenson.
(c) Fraser Duncan.
(d) William Van Arken.

15. What kind of platoon was Tyson's platoon?
(a) A ballistics division.
(b) An infantry division.
(c) A rifle platoon.
(d) A reconnaissance platoon.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tyson returns to the cottage in Sag Harbor after visiting Picard, what is his wife doing?

2. When Tyson returns to the cottage in Sag Harbor after visiting Picard, what is his son doing?

3. In Vietnam, when Tyson and his platoon came across civilians digging in the ground, what were the civilians doing?

4. What is Ben Tyson's job?

5. How many unnamed sources does the author of the book about Tyson's platoon cite as his sources of information?

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