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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the potentially worst punishment that Tyson and his men could be facing, pending the trial's outcome?
(a) Death by lethal injection.
(b) Deportment.
(c) Life imprisonment.
(d) Death by firing squad.

2. Just before Harper leaves the military base after visiting with Tyson, what does she suggest that Tyson do?
(a) Plan for a guilty verdict.
(b) Flee the country.
(c) Hire a military attorney.
(d) Say good-bye to his wife.

3. When Tyson and Marcy go to the officer's club to have dinner, who does Tyson introduce Marcy to?
(a) Keith Overbrook.
(b) Kenneth Overland.
(c) Kennard Oakes.
(d) Kendrick Oakton.

4. When Marcy and Ben discuss where David should go to school, where does Ben want to send David?
(a) To Florida.
(b) To Minnesota.
(c) To New Mexico.
(d) To Virginia.

5. Where does the man who quietly suggests that Tyson should leave the country tell Tyson he should go?
(a) Australia.
(b) Holland.
(c) Jamaica.
(d) Sweden.

6. When Tyson recalls his second meeting with Sister Teresa, what Christmas gift did he give her?
(a) Cookies.
(b) Music.
(c) Flowers.
(d) Soap.

7. What is the name of Ben Tyson's wife?
(a) Marcy.
(b) Marilyn.
(c) Joyce.
(d) Susan.

8. What is the name of Ben Tyson's son?
(a) David.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Donald.
(d) Murray.

9. Who is the author of the book that details the activities of Tyson's platoon in Vietnam?
(a) Adam Picard.
(b) Allan Picard.
(c) Andrew Picard.
(d) Alex Picard.

10. On the military base, who is Tyson's immediate supervisor?
(a) Dr. Laramie.
(b) Dr. Mortimer.
(c) Dr. Levin.
(d) Dr. Russell.

11. When Marcy and Ben talk after Ben returns to the cottage in Sag Harbor, what does Marcy want Ben to do?
(a) Give a public interview.
(b) Call David for dinner.
(c) Find a new attorney.
(d) Flee the country.

12. When Tyson's wife arrives home the day Tyson first learns of the book, what does Tyson's wife find him doing?
(a) Shouting.
(b) Napping.
(c) Praying.
(d) Crying.

13. What does Tyson do after leaving Picard's house?
(a) Goes to visit Harper.
(b) Closes his bank account.
(c) Goes for a swim.
(d) Buys a present for his wife.

14. Where do Tyson's employers tell him that they would like to have him work?
(a) In Beijing.
(b) In Berlin.
(c) In Madrid.
(d) In Tokyo.

15. What is the name of the man who quietly suggests that Tyson should leave the country?
(a) Phillip Sloan.
(b) David Tyson.
(c) Chet Brown.
(d) Russ Berg.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Tyson originally sign the military oath that Levin assures him is still valid for his court martial?

2. Who is the presidential aide that attends the meeting regarding the jurisdiction of Tyson's case?

3. When Tyson goes to visit Andrew Picard, who does Tyson discover has also been to see Picard?

4. What is the name of one of the sources cited by Andrew Picard for his book?

5. How does David spend most of his time at the summer cottage?

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