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Nelson Demille
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 through 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tyson do after leaving Picard's house?
(a) Goes for a swim.
(b) Goes to visit Harper.
(c) Buys a present for his wife.
(d) Closes his bank account.

2. Who is the Army's Judge Advocate General?
(a) Herbert Swenson.
(b) Thomas Berg.
(c) Fraser Duncan.
(d) William Van Arken.

3. Who does the government decide to put in charge of the investigation against Tyson?
(a) Major Harper.
(b) Major Van Arken.
(c) Major Truscott.
(d) Major Berg.

4. What is the name of the military base that Tyson reports to?
(a) Fort Hamilton.
(b) Fort Washington.
(c) Fort Hood.
(d) Fort Benjamin.

5. How long does it take for Tyson and his wife to consider the public's perception before undertaking any activity?
(a) Four days.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Two days.
(d) One week.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Tyson originally sign the military oath that Levin assures him is still valid for his court martial?

2. After Tyson leaves the cottage and returns to work in the city, Marcy calls Ben. What does Ben tell Marcy?

3. In Vietnam, when Tyson and his platoon came across civilians digging in the ground, what were the civilians doing?

4. How many men from Tyson's platoon are still in the military?

5. Just before Harper leaves the military base after visiting with Tyson, what does she suggest that Tyson do?

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