Daily Lessons for Teaching Word of Honor

Nelson Demille
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 8)


As Tyson headed home after discovering Picard's book, he reflects that nothing had ever prepared him for what he experienced in Hue on February 15, 1968. Now, Tyson fears that just like he was unprepared for his experiences in Vietnam, he is probably unprepared for what he will have to face as a result of the book's publication. Unexpected events and changes are difficult for everyone to cope with. The object of this Lesson Plan is to explore the best methods of coping with unexpected change.


1. Small Group Discussion: Compile a list of methods that can be used to deal with unexpected changes. Of the methods on your list, which of these methods did Tyson use when he first learns of the book's existence?

2. Writing Assignment: Write a journal entry and discuss what it is about change that people can find so frightening, and how can people...

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