Word of Honor Fun Activities

Nelson Demille
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My Book, My Design

Andrew Picard is the author of "Hue: Death of a City." Imagine you are Picard and want total control of your book's publication. Design the book's cover (front and back) so as to hint at the stories inside. Be sure to include your book's teaser on the back cover. (No putting an author picture on the back!) Share your design with the class.

This is What I Saw

Imagine you are Steven Brandt. Your attorney is working with you to prepare your testimony. Prepare your statement for the military panel. Then, for each event in the statement, write what happened according to Ben Tyson. How do the two accounts of the same event differ? Where are you most likely to have trouble when cross-examined?

And That's What Happened...

Imagine you are the newspaper reporter assigned to write the story surrounding the court martial of...

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