Word of Honor Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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Benjamin Tyson

This character is a former Army Lieutenant who is recalled to face criminal charges.

Vincent Corva

This character is a military attorney who has yet to win a case.

Andrew Picard

This character is the author of the book, "Hue: Death of a City."

Steven Brandt

This character served as a medic in Vietnam under the protagonist.

Richard Farley

This character is described by the protagonist as being below average on every front.

Marcy Tyson

This character spent much of the 1960s protesting the Vietnam War - even protesting in the nude.

Michael DeTonq

This character went missing in action during the war, but is thought to have made it out of Vietnam.

Daniel Kelly

This character is the protagonist's radio operator during the war.

Karen Harper

This character is a military attorney assigned to look into the massacre and determine if the case against the...

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