Word of Honor Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Chapters 1 through 8

• On a train, Ben Tyson notices a fellow commuter reading, "Hue: Death of a City," which describes Tyson's platoon during a battle in Hue.

• Tyson realizes that the story is the account of the civilian murders committed by American troops under Tyson's command and Tyson can be held accountable for those crimes.

• Arriving at his office after reading some of the book, Tyson has his secretary cancel his appointments for the day, then goes to visit his attorney.

• Phillip Sloan asks if Tyson if he's guilty. When Tyson refuses to answer directly, Sloan advises Tyson to sue Picard for slander.
• Tyson is afraid that a civil suit will bring attention to the case resulting in a trial.

• On February 15th, Tyson's men were pinned down behind enemy fire coming from a hospital. Seeing a white sheet from a hospital window, Tyson and his men approached the...

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