The Woman Warrior Character Descriptions

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Aunt - See Moon Orchid

Brave Orchid Hong - This character's "talk stories" lull this character's children to sleep with visions of mythical characters, historical fact, family tales, and legendary heroes and heroines.

Maxine Hong - This character's earliest memories are of her mother's stories. This character suffers continual disappointment while trying to please her mother with Americanized accomplishments, such as good grades in school.

Fa Mu Lan - This character is the mythical woman warrior about whom another character tells her children. This character disguises herself as a man and goes to battle in place of her aged father.

Moon Orchid - This character arrives in San Francisco after having waited for thirty years for her husband to send for her. Although this character expected her husband to invite her to come to America, he never did.

Mother - See Brave Orchid Hong

No Name...

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