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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Eddie, Jake, and Susannah are gone in Part 2, Chapter 8, what happens to Roland?
(a) One of the Manni come and take him to the Doorway Cave.
(b) He goes todash to the vacant lot for the rose.
(c) He falls asleep.
(d) He learns how to throw the plate.

2. What does Eddie tell Roland when he returns from visiting with Calvin Tower?
(a) That he believes the book, The Dogan, shows that Mr. Slightman is a traitor.
(b) That the mobsters already purchased the lot before he was able to talk to Calvin Tower.
(c) That he never arrived in Manhattan; that instead he ended up in Topeka, Kansas, in 1917.
(d) That he was unable to purchase the vacant lot from Calvin Tower.

3. How does Overholser surprise Roland during their conversation the night before the battle with the Wolves?
(a) Overholser volunteers to take the sick man's place and help guard the children during the battle.
(b) He says that he and his family will be leaving town when the party is over so that they will not be there when the battle occurs.
(c) He laughs and slaps Roland on the back, congratulating him on his plan to defeat the Wolves.
(d) Overholser tells Roland that the secret to defeating the Wolves is by giving them Father Callahan, because he is the one they are really after.

4. What is Mrs. Eisenhart a member of?
(a) The town council.
(b) A secret society of women who grow wheat to honor Lady Oriza.
(c) The Call Bryn Sturgis Sewing Circle.
(d) The Sisters of Oriza.

5. What does Jake discuss with Roland on the way to town in Part 2, Chapter 8?
(a) Mr. Slightman.
(b) Eddie.
(c) The Wolves.
(d) Susannah.

6. When Callahan starts seeing the lost pet posters again, what does he do?
(a) He moves on.
(b) He covers them up.
(c) He tears them down.
(d) He calls the number on them.

7. In Part 3, Chapter 6, what happens to Andy?
(a) Nothing happens to Andy.
(b) Andy leads the children, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, right to the Wolves' lair.
(c) Eddy shoots out Andy's eyes and locks him up in Rosalita's outhouse where Eddie figures out Andy's secret password and shuts the robot down.
(d) Andy decides he doesn't think working with the Wolves to steal the children is right any longer, and he chooses to work with the ka-tet to defeat the Wolves.

8. How does Eddie get the mobsters to stop harassing Calvin Tower?
(a) He tells them that if they don't leave he will murder their wives and children.
(b) He acts like an undercover cop.
(c) He says he will call the police.
(d) He says that if they don't leave he will shoot them.

9. What is Jake's main concern that he discusses with Roland during the trip into town?
(a) That Roland is keeping secrets from the ka-tet that can potentially divide them in a time where they need each other more than ever.
(b) That Mr. Slightman is up to something suspicious with Andy.
(c) That the Wolves will come before the ka-tet is ready for them.
(d) That Eddie has become distrustful of the ka-tet and wishes to leave.

10. Where does Roland send Eddie, Jake, and Susannah to in Part 2, Chapter 8?
(a) The church to find Father Callahan.
(b) Overholser's farm to ask him for permission to fight the Wolves on behalf of his village.
(c) The town to buy some items and then wait on the porch.
(d) The school, to find the schoolteacher.

11. After dinner in Part 2, Chapter 6, what do Eddie an Jamie do?
(a) Play cards.
(b) Listen to the radio.
(c) Smoke pipes and rock on the front porch.
(d) Sit around and talk.

12. In Part 2, Chapter 6, with whom do Eddie and Susannah spend the night?
(a) Mia.
(b) Father Callahan.
(c) Rosalita.
(d) Tian Jaffords and his family.

13. When Overholser approaches Roland at the gathering at the Pavillion, what does he tell Roland?
(a) That one of the men Roland asked to guard the children was ill and as such wouldn't be able to perform his guarding duties.
(b) That he thinks the children should be kept out in plain sight so that all can see where the Wolves will be heading when they come.
(c) That he strongly disagrees with Roland and the ka-tet trying to defeat the Wolves.
(d) That he thinks Roland and his ka-tet should leave, both for their own good and for the good of the village.

14. In Part 3, Chapter 1, what happens that night at Callahan's rectory?
(a) The Sisters of Oriza gather where they show Roland how well they can throw the plates.
(b) Father Callahan begins drinking again.
(c) Jake finally tells the ka-tet about what he saw Mr. Slightman and Andy doing.
(d) The ka-tet meets to discuss their strategy to defeat the Wolves.

15. Where does Eddie suggest Father Callahan visit?
(a) Manhattan.
(b) New Jersey.
(c) Topeka, Kansas.
(d) Nevada.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Susannah become acutely aware of in Part 3, Chapter 6?

2. What else does Calvin convince Eddie to do?

3. After he visits with Callahan in Part 2, Chapter 4, where does Roland go?

4. What does Jake see when he arrives at the location he is led to?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 8, why doesn't Jake tell Roland what he saw?

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