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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Susannah become acutely aware of in Part 3, Chapter 6?
(a) That she is losing more and more time, and that the delivery of the demon baby is very close.
(b) That she is exceptionally good at throwing the plate.
(c) That she no longer loves Eddie.
(d) That the Wolves will be coming sooner than expected.

2. Where does Father Callahan discover Calvin Tower has gone?
(a) Las Vegas, Nevada.
(b) Topeka, Kansas.
(c) New Orleans, Louisiana.
(d) A small town in Maine.

3. When Callahan starts seeing the lost pet posters again, what does he do?
(a) He covers them up.
(b) He moves on.
(c) He calls the number on them.
(d) He tears them down.

4. In Part 3, Chapter 3, what does Jake do when Benny is asleep?
(a) He goes exploring.
(b) He goes todash alone to Manhattan.
(c) He sneaks into the house and eats cookies.
(d) He follows the trail he saw Mr. Slightman take earlier.

5. What is interesting about one of the books Calvin shows Eddie?
(a) The title and cover page have an incorrect title on them, and the name of the author is different on the copyright and the cover page.
(b) It is a book that hasn't been written yet.
(c) It is not a rare book; it actually has millions of copies in print.
(d) The book is about Eddie's life.

6. What idea does Mrs. Eisenhart inspire in Roland?
(a) Writing a law to prohibit the Wolves from entering the Calla.
(b) Using her sewing needles to defeat the Wolves.
(c) Using the method of throwing plates to help he and his ka-tet defeat the Wolves.
(d) Lacing her bread with poison and giving it to the members of the village who do not want the gunslinger and his ka-tet to help the village.

7. How does Eddie get the mobsters to stop harassing Calvin Tower?
(a) He says that if they don't leave he will shoot them.
(b) He says he will call the police.
(c) He acts like an undercover cop.
(d) He tells them that if they don't leave he will murder their wives and children.

8. What is the subject of Roland's discussion with Father Callahan regarding Susannah at the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 1?
(a) Roland suggests the option of aborting Susannah/Mia's baby.
(b) If she should teach others to throw the plate.
(c) Why she should leave the ka-tet.
(d) Whether she is fit enough to fight the Wolves.

9. What does Eddie tell Roland about in Part 3, Chapter 1?
(a) What Jamie Jaffords told him about the Wolves.
(b) That he does not agree that Susannah should have the abortion.
(c) That he agrees Susannah should have the abortion.
(d) That he wants to leave the ka-tet.

10. What is Mrs. Eisenhart's first name?
(a) Mia.
(b) Margaret.
(c) Coral.
(d) Sheila.

11. While he is asleep in Part 2, Chapter 7, where does Jake go?
(a) Back to Manhattan, to the day he died.
(b) Inside of Susannah's dream.
(c) To visit his parents.
(d) Into the future to see how to defeat the Wolves.

12. After he visits with Callahan in Part 2, Chapter 4, where does Roland go?
(a) To see Rosalita.
(b) To see Tia.
(c) To Eisenhart's ranch.
(d) To see Susannah and Eddie.

13. What is Roland's response to Jake's concerns in Part 2, Chapter 8?
(a) That he is right to be concerned about Mr. Slightman.
(b) That the ka-tet will be ready when the Wolves come to Calla Bryn Sturgis.
(c) That if Eddie wants to leave the ka-tet, he is free to do so.
(d) That he has his reasons for not telling Susannah about what is going on with her, but that if Jake feels she should know, he can tell her.

14. What does Jake's journey while asleep in Part 2 tell us about Jake?
(a) That he is a very gifted mind-reader.
(b) That he is the only one who can defeat the Wolves.
(c) That he is able to go todash whenever he wants.
(d) That he is the only member of the ka-tet that the people of the Calla will trust.

15. When Callahan returns, what does he find Eddie about to do?
(a) Short-circuit Andy.
(b) Pick the rose from the vacant lot.
(c) Help Susannah deliver her baby.
(d) Throw himself off a ledge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the symbol on the box where Callahan keeps his special object mean?

2. Where does Eddie suggest Father Callahan visit?

3. What is interesting about Roland's experience in Part 2 Chapter 8?

4. What else did Eddie achieve at The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind?

5. When Roland and Jake get to the Jafford farm, what does Roland speak to Zalia about?

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