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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, The Wolves: Chapter 1, Secrets, Chapter 2, The Dogan, Part 1, and Chapter 3, The Dogan, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Callahan is living in New Jersey, what does he notice about his surroundings?
(a) That day and night are reversed.
(b) That he is sleeping too much.
(c) That worlds shift around him.
(d) That he is an alcoholic.

2. What does Susannah demonstrate for Roland, Eddie, and Jake at the Jaffords' farm?
(a) That she can walk.
(b) That she can shoot a pistol.
(c) That she is very good at throwing plates.
(d) That she has an exceptional singing voice.

3. What else did Eddie achieve at The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind?
(a) Eddie convinced Calvin Tower to sell him the vacant lot.
(b) Eddie gave Black Thirteen to Calvin Tower.
(c) Eddie bought the bookstore from Calvin Tower.
(d) Eddie brought back "The Hogan."

4. Why is Benny Slightman's boss afraid of fighting the Wolves?
(a) Because he thinks what the Wolves do is good for the village.
(b) Because he is afraid of death.
(c) Because he fears the Wolves will burn down the village and leave the people with nothing.
(d) Because he thinks the Wolves are invincible.

5. What is interesting about one of the books Calvin shows Eddie?
(a) It is not a rare book; it actually has millions of copies in print.
(b) The title and cover page have an incorrect title on them, and the name of the author is different on the copyright and the cover page.
(c) It is a book that hasn't been written yet.
(d) The book is about Eddie's life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom is Roland trying to impress by showing his ka-tet's abilities?

2. Who else knows Jamie's story?

3. What does the symbol on the box where Callahan keeps his special object mean?

4. What is more common in the Callas than anywhere else?

5. Where is Callahan when he sees the article in the newspaper about his friend, Rowan Magruder?

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