Objects & Places from Wolves of the Calla

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The Rose

This object is alive, for the time being, growing in an abandoned lot in a big city.

Rare Books

In exchange for selling the empty lot to Eddie Dean, Calvin Tower insists that Eddie rescue these objects.


Ben Slightman wears this object, even though no one else in his community does, and he claims he bought this object off a store boat.

Salem's Lot

This object tells the story of Father Callahan, causing Callahan to question his own existence.

Charlie and the Choo-Choo

After traveling to New York, Jake notices the name of the creator of this object has changed.

The Dogan

The object was created by a man named Ben Slightman, Jr., and a mistake on one of the pages marks the creator of the object as Ben Slightman, implying that the author's father could claim the object as rightfully his.

Light Sabers and Snitches

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