Wizard and Glass Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why do the characters compete in a game of riddles in this section?

Blaine is planning to derail himself at the end of the line in Topeka, killing everyone on board. The only way Roland and the others can survive is by defeating him in a riddle contest.

2. How do the gunslingers approach the riddle contest?

Roland asks Blaine not to listen as the gunslingers decide how to approach the contest. They decide to test Blaine with riddles that escalate in difficulty. However, they will begin with Jake, Susannah, Eddie and Roland each asking Blaine a riddle to test his weaknesses.

3. How does Eddie kill Blaine?

Eddie offers to ask Blaine some riddles, just to past the time until they are all killed. When he asks the Jake's riddle "What has four wheels and flies?" and Blaine is again angered by its silliness. Despite Baline's protests, Eddie keeps asking silly and nonsensical riddles and until their stupidity fries Blaine's circuits.

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