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The Dark Tower - This is the nexus of all universes, including our own.

Ka-Tet - Roland Deschain forms two of these, one in his youth with Alain Johns, Cuthbert Allgood, and Jamie DeCurry, as well as one as an adult with Eddie and Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers, and Oy the billy-bumbler.

Ka - This is another word for fate.

The Affiliation - This is the name for the rulers of Gilead and Mid-World, and the gunslingers serve it. Its rule comes under question when John Farson rebels and fights against them.

Wizard's Rainbow - This is the name for seven spheres that have magical powers.

Reaping - This is a festival celebrated in the fall in the Mejis. During the celebrations, people throw dummies stuffed with straw onto bonfires.

Hambry - This is a village in Mejis which Roland and his fellow gunslingers visit to...

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