Winterset Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Trock.

Trock is the leader of a gang who murdered a man during a botched robbery. Recently released from prison on charges not associated with the murder, Trock's goal is to ensure that no evidence is left which connects him with the murder. Trock is angry at society and life in general for poisoning his mind and body. While in prison, Trock was informed that he had contracted a terminal illness and has only six months to live. Trock is terrified at the prospect of spending the last few months of his life behind bars, so he has returned to his old city in search of those who can identify him as the murderer.

2. Describe Shadow.

Shadow is Trock's right-hand man. He literally Shadows Trock wherever he goes, offering advice and encouragement. Shadow was apparently present at the murder and appears to fear Trock, as Trock makes thinly veiled threats anytime Shadow disagrees with his opinion. Shadow is Trock's voice of reason, which may be the ultimate cause of his downfall.

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