Winterset Character Descriptions

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Carr - This character is a native of New York City and understands the danger of the tenement very well.

Garth Esdras - This character is a former member of a gang who witnessed the murder.

Miriamne Esdras - This innocent and idealistic character of is wracked with guilt about failing to stand up for a lover.

Rabbi Esdras - This wise character continually provides moral and philosophical advice.

Trock Estrella - This character is a ruthless murderer just released from prison.

Judge Gaunt - This elderly, quiet character is almost driven insane by guilt and doubt.

Herman - This gawky shoe seller wants to marry for all the wrong reasons.

Professor Hobhouse - This character does not appear in the play, but is the person trying to open the case to further investigation.

Hobo - This character lives under the bridge and observes the world...

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