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Act 1, Scene 1

• Two young men lean against the struts of the bridge.

• Trock and Shadow enter.

• The Two Young Men exit after Trock tells them to go watch his car.

• Trock shouts a poetic monologue at the city, railing against the stupidity of people.

• Shadow voices his concern that Trock's outburst might land him back in prison.

• Trock delivers in thinly veiled threat to Shadow.

• Trock reveals his fear of returning to prison.

• Shadow encourages Trock by stating that there is not enough evidence to send him back to jail.

• Trock reveals that he is dying from a terminal illness and has only six months to live.

• Lucia, a piano player, and Piny, an apple seller, enter.

• Trock and Shadow move around the side of the apartment.

• Piny admits she is frightened of Trock's moody, dark appearance.

• Lucia wonders if Trock was raised in a cellar.

• Lucia explains...

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