Winter Prey Short Essay - Answer Key

John Sandford
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1. How is the Iceman introduced in Chapter1? What is the man doing?

The Iceman is introduced as he is making his way through the woods and onto the lake. The Iceman is on the way to the LaCourt house.

2. What was the Iceman's first brush with murder? How did it go wrong?

The Iceman has killed once before and although he attempted to make the murder look like a suicide, it had failed.

3. Where is the LaCourt house located? How is it placed in proximity to the LaCourts' neighbors?

The LaCourt house, located in Grant, borders the lake and is relatively isolated from its neighbors.

4. What are the weather conditions at the time the Iceman is traveling to the LaCourts' house?

Snow is falling rapidly, foretelling of a severe Wisconsin blizzard. The weather is also bitterly cold.

5. What is Frank LaCourt's hobby? Why does it annoy his wife?

Frank LaCourt loves to refinish furniture. Claudia was annoyed because Frank was so immersed in a furniture refinishing project that he forgot to stoke the wood stove in the garage.

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