Daily Lessons for Teaching Winter Prey

John Sandford
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Lesson 1

Objective: Davenport begins the story at his cabin in the North Woods. The cabin is a luxury afforded by Davenport's booming video game operation. Sandford often uses the cabin and nearby locations in his stories. Examine the layout of the North Woods and surrounding areas.

1) 1. Davenport owns a cabin in the North Woods which allows him to be familiar with the area as well as parts of Wisconsin. Find a map of the Wisconsin and/or the North Woods. Create a map of the places you would like to go. Collect travel information on each place so that you will be prepared upon arrival. Also include famous landmarks and geographical landmarks.

2. Create a multi-flow map regarding location and its significance to the story. Examples include Weather's house, Police headquarters, Lucas' cabin, Madison, Milwaukee, Interstate, etc.

3. Using the same map, mark the various routes used by Iceman, Lucas...

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