Winter Prey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Sandford
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Chapters 1-4

• Iceman kills the LaCourts.

• Reader is told about an important photo.

• Lucas Davenport arrives on the scene.

• Davenport meets Sheriff Carr and Weather Karkinnen.

• Iceman is angry that he could not find the photo.

• Iceman makes an attempt on Weather's life.

• Davenport meets Father Bergen.

Chapters 5-10

• Crime scene unit arrives.

• Davenport meets deputies.

• Bergen is angry at being accused.

• Various locals are questioned.

• Reader is introduced to the yellow-haired girl.

• The girl is the Iceman's lover.

• Police learn about Jim Harper.

• A connection is made to the LaCourts.

• Davenport and Weather go on a date.

• John Mueller is missing, Davenport is blamed.

• Weather is in danger.

• The iceman suffers from insomnia.

• The iceman suffers from insomnia.

• Members of the sex ring visit Iceman.

• The Schoeneckers are getting out of town.

• Russ Harper would make a good fall guy.

Chapters 11-15

• Mueller is presumed dead.

• Davenport...

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