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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Al think of Catherine Sargent?

2. Why does Al make a mistake on his article?

3. What explanation does Sammy give for not approaching Al about the mistakes in his article?

4. When they are talking at lunch, what does Julian confess to Al that Sammy has stolen?

5. What game do Kit and Al play at The Cellar in Chapter Five?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Al believe Sammy is hiring him for the film writing job in Chapter Ten?

2. Describe what Al and Kit talk about when they go to Kit's house in Chapter Seven.

3. How does Kit resolve Julian's employment problem in Chapter Six?

4. Describe the first interaction between Sammy and Laurette Harrington.

5. In Chapter Ten, Al describes Sheik as an example of Sammy's endless revenge. What does he mean by that statement?

6. Why does Al compare Sammy to a time bomb ticking in his brain in Chapter Six?

7. When Sammy asks Al what he thinks of his play "Live Wire," what does Al say?

8. By Chapter Three why does Al want to go to Hollywood?

9. At the end of Chapter Eleven, Sammy says, "Everything's mine." What examples does he give for "everything?"

10. Why doesn't Al want to join The Guild?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Al and Kit's relationship slowly develops throughout the story. Cite three scenes (one from the beginning, one from the middle, and one from the end) in which Al and Kit interact. Explore how these scenes develop their relationship.

Essay Topic 2

Sammy Glick represents a certain kind of person in Hollywood. Several times Al and others refer to people in Hollywood as "Sammy Glicks." What does this mean? What is this kind of person's priorities? How does this kind of person treat other people? Give examples of Sammy's behavior throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

What is the significance of the theater in the novel, "What Makes Sammy Run?" Consider the way Sammy has plagiarized on more than one occasion and the way he has stolen others' ideas. Explore the theme of theater and "real life" in the novel-- how do the two come together and how do the two remain separate entities?

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