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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Al says he composed a short history of Sammy Glick, how does he explain Sammy's progress?
(a) Pure luck.
(b) A series of coincidences.
(c) Unexplainable and unfathomable.
(d) Very American: full of opportunity and speed.

2. How does Sammy know Catherine Sargent?
(a) She is his agent.
(b) She is a waitress at Sammy's favorite club.
(c) She is an author and writer for the same production company he works for.
(d) He meets her after he interviews her.

3. In Chapter Four, what conclusion does Al come to about his friendship with Sammy?
(a) He will never fully know Sammy or understand him.
(b) Al thinks of Sammy as his best friend and his worst enemy.
(c) He will always look up to him.
(d) Sammy is to unpredictable and hard to get along with.

4. In Chapter Two, Al says there are two kinds of self-made men. One reflects on their success as patriotic and remembers all of the details of their success. How does he describe the second type?
(a) As never realizing their success and being surprised by where they are in life.
(b) He never explains the second type.
(c) As stopping when they reach a certain point.
(d) As rushing forward and never looking back to remember where they came from.

5. In Chapter Four, when Al and Billie dance, what does she say about Sammy Glick?
(a) She admits she is taken by Sammy.
(b) She thinks he is just the same as everyone else in Hollywood.
(c) She thinks he is an imposter.
(d) She thinks of him as a partner and a potential agent.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Al feel about Sammy helping Julian?

2. Before he left for Hollywood, what kind of promises did Sammy make to Julian?

3. In Chapter Six, once Julian and Sammy get together in Hollywood, why do they get into an argument?

4. In Chapter Two, how much does the manuscript end up selling for?

5. What does Julian ask of Al in Chapter Five?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Al believe Sammy is hiring him for the film writing job in Chapter Ten?

2. When Sammy asks Al what he thinks of his play "Live Wire," what does Al say?

3. Why doesn't Al want to join The Guild?

4. In Chapter Four, when Sammy, Al, and their dates arrive at The Back Lot, what happens?

5. Describe the first interaction between Sammy and Laurette Harrington.

6. Why does Al get upset with Sammy about the tickets he gives to him in Chapter One?

7. Why does Al stare out the window once Sammy leaves in his cab at the end of Chapter Two?

8. In Chapter Three, when Al complains about his job, what advice does Sammy give him about writing and screen technique?

9. What happens when the producer, Collier, brings up the South Seas picture, "Monsoon" to Sammy in Chapter Four?

10. What happens between Sammy and Fineman at the preview of Sammy's movie in Chapter Eleven?

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