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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Two, Al asks Sammy if he is scared when he makes the phone call to sell the manuscript. How does Sammy respond?
(a) Sammy closes his eyes and tells Al he poses a good question.
(b) Sammy tells Al he got scared as soon as he hung up.
(c) Sammy changes the subject.
(d) Sammy explains to Al that he is never scared of anything.

2. In Chapter One, how does Sammy react when Al says he wants to "bury the hatchet?"
(a) He says he knows where Al would like to bury it.
(b) He doesn't understand what Al is saying.
(c) He tells him he'll forgive him in time.
(d) He agrees.

3. What does Al find out about Sammy's movie review in Chapter Five?
(a) Sammy will have to pay the reviewer.
(b) The review was written by the producer of the movie.
(c) Sammy's father wrote the review.
(d) Sammy wrote the review himself.

4. What decision does Julian's wife make regarding her husband's situation with Sammy in Chapter Six?
(a) She buys two tickets to Hollywood.
(b) She calls to confront Sammy herself and makes arrangements to meet him.
(c) She hires a lawyer who will take her to Hollywood.
(d) She packs up their car and says they will drive to Hollywood.

5. After they are intimate, what question does Al ask Billie?
(a) If she would ever consider marrying him.
(b) What she wants out of life.
(c) How many men she has been with.
(d) Where she sees herself in the next ten years.

Short Answer Questions

1. When they are talking at lunch, what does Julian confess to Al that Sammy has stolen?

2. What happens when Al calls Julian regarding Julian's job with Sammy in Chapter Six?

3. After Al arrives in Hollywood, when does he meet up with Sammy in Chapter Three?

4. What does Al suggest to Sammy regarding Rosalie?

5. When Al asks Sammy how he can read when he's running so fast, how does Sammy answer?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter Three, when Al complains about his job, what advice does Sammy give him about writing and screen technique?

2. What final conclusion does Al come to about Sammy?

3. What happens when the producer, Collier, brings up the South Seas picture, "Monsoon" to Sammy in Chapter Four?

4. In Chapter Two, what does Al mean when he says, "America, America... God shed His Grace on thee?"

5. Why does Julian invite Kit and Al over to his house for lunch in Chapter Eight?

6. Why doesn't Al want to join The Guild?

7. After Sammy talks to the agent about Julian's manuscript, in Chapter Two, Al asks Sammy if he is scared. Then Al asks him what he was thinking of. How does Sammy answer?

8. Why does Al stare out the window once Sammy leaves in his cab at the end of Chapter Two?

9. In Chapter Four, how does Al react when Kit tells him she has met "Sammy Glicks" before? And what does Kit mean?

10. Why does Julian ask Al to meet him for lunch in Chapter Six?

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