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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Eight, what does Sammy insist on Al's first day at his new job?
(a) Al give him a place to stay for the weekend.
(b) That Al hides him from his agent.
(c) He gives him credit for landing the job.
(d) They go out to lunch.

2. In Chapter Eight, what is Al hired to do at his new job?
(a) Rewrite a documentary on Abraham Lincoln.
(b) Sell Kit's work.
(c) Complete a project on the life of Thomas Masaryk.
(d) Rearrange the studio and set up appointments.

3. What happens when Al meets up with Billie in Chapter Seven?
(a) He drunkenly proclaims his love for her.
(b) He tells her how he feels about Kit.
(c) He asks her if she loves Julian.
(d) He confesses he is thinking of suicide.

4. In Chapter Seven, why does Al feel pressure at work?
(a) He has been caught stealing money from the company.
(b) He is afraid his position will be cut because his work has only been somewhat successful.
(c) He has writer's block.
(d) His boss wants him to cut all ties with Sammy.

5. In Chapter Eight, why does Al say it was a month he would never forget in Hollywood?
(a) Al gets offered the deal of a lifetime: $80,000.00 for a play he wrote.
(b) Julian passes away and Al knows the time has come to leave.
(c) Sammy got a good money deal for his play and he thinks it sums up how Hollywood is: a crazy and hopeful place.
(d) Al and Sammy part ways.

6. Who does The Guild seek help from?
(a) The Los Angeles Writer's Association.
(b) The Bank of Hollywood.
(c) The Northern Author's League.
(d) The Southern Writer's Association.

7. What happens after The Guild meeting in Chapter Eight?
(a) Al has a nervous breakdown.
(b) A large number of people resign, including Sammy Glick.
(c) A corporate company proposes a partnership with The Guild.
(d) Julian runs for president of The Guild.

8. Why does Kit think Hollywood is a tough place to work and live?
(a) Everyone is rushing to hit the jackpot.
(b) Hollywood has turned into a violent city.
(c) Nothing can be predicted.
(d) People are too easy to see through in Hollywood.

9. Why does Sammy ask Sheik to be his assistant when they are adults?
(a) He needs someone who understands his social class background.
(b) Sammy's brother forces him to employ Sheik.
(c) Sammy wants to prove his success.
(d) He feels sorry for Sheik.

10. In Chapter Twelve, what does Sammy reveal to Al about Laurette?
(a) She was verbally abusive and stole his money.
(b) She was once a peasant just like him.
(c) She cheated on him on their wedding night and planned to cheat on him throughout their marriage.
(d) She faked her love for him so she could get famous.

11. What kind of job did Sammy work as a boy?
(a) He volunteered at the temple.
(b) A messenger.
(c) A yardboy.
(d) A babysitter.

12. In Chapter Nine. what does Sammy's brother, Israel, tell Al about the relationship Sammy had with their father?
(a) Sammy was the favorite child from the start.
(b) Sammy broke their father's heart.
(c) Sammy had respect for his father and the respect was mutual.
(d) When their father was alive Sammy was a different person, but he became greedy once he was gone.

13. What rumor follows Sidney Fineman's death?
(a) He hated his life.
(b) He committed suicide.
(c) He stole Sammy's idea for his last movie.
(d) Sammy posioned him.

14. When Al goes to visit Sammy at his apartment in New York. what does Sammy mean when he says "they" don't know how to be happy?
(a) They don't have feelings because of their experiences in Hollywood.
(b) People in Hollywood don't know when they are enjoying themselves.
(c) Satisfaction is impossible.
(d) They are depressed.

15. In Chapter Ten, what does Al say Hollywood is full of?
(a) Washups, drunks, addicts and the real stuff.
(b) Phonies, mediocrities, dictators, and good men who have lost their way.
(c) Actors, directors, and car salesmen.
(d) Beaches, bars, and women who are willing to dress up to play the part.

Short Answer Questions

1. On his last night in Hollywood, what does Al admit to Kit?

2. When Al goes to meet him, what is Sammy being measured for in Chapter Ten?

3. Where does Al work when he returns to New York?

4. In Chapter Seven, what happens when Al gets laid off his job?

5. After he has gone to meet Sammy's family, why does Al call Kit?

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