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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After he has gone to meet Sammy's family, why does Al call Kit?
(a) He is lonely and misses her.
(b) He is drunk and he wants to explain to her where Sammy came from.
(c) He proposes to her.
(d) He wants her to join him in a plot to kill Sammy.

2. What does Sammy tell Al when Al asks him if he loves Ruth Mintz?
(a) He says she is the woman of his dreams.
(b) He asks how he would have time to love anyone.
(c) He doesn't know what love is.
(d) He would rather have Kit.

3. What does Al realize about Sammy's play, "Live Wire?"
(a) Sammy stole Al's manuscript idea.
(b) Sammy has modeled the play after "The Front Page."
(c) He took the idea from Al's favorite comic book.
(d) The play was terrible.

4. How does Al feel about The Guild?
(a) The Guild makes him feel whole.
(b) He thinks it's too much like a union.
(c) It hasn't discovered its place in Hollywood.
(d) He would be unable to live without it.

5. Some of the members of the Guild want to exclude others. Who do they want to exclude?
(a) Writers from the South.
(b) Writers who are not wealthy and those who are outsiders.
(c) Unpublished writers and writers who are still in school.
(d) Wealthy writers and those in the big business.

6. In Chapter Seven, why does Al feel pressure at work?
(a) His boss wants him to cut all ties with Sammy.
(b) He has been caught stealing money from the company.
(c) He has writer's block.
(d) He is afraid his position will be cut because his work has only been somewhat successful.

7. Who greets Al when Al goes to Sammy's apartment in New York in Chapter Ten?
(a) Sheik Duncan, Sammy's childhood arch bully.
(b) Kit.
(c) Israel Glickstein, Sammy's brother.
(d) Sammy himself.

8. How does Sammy's brother, Israel, feel about his own job at The Settlement?
(a) As if he can never get enough work done because poverty is an endless cycle.
(b) As if he is tied down and does not care about his work.
(c) As if he is making a difference and things will improve.
(d) He wishes he had Sammy's job.

9. In the end of the book, what realization does Al come to about Sammy?
(a) Sammy is all alone.
(b) He is just as successful as Sammy.
(c) Sammy is his only true friend.
(d) Sammy is heartless.

10. How does Harrington feel about Sammy marrying his daughter?
(a) He doesn't believe it will work out.
(b) He is pleased.
(c) He tells Sammy he wishes him the best of luck, but doesn't want him in his life.
(d) He is angry.

11. What is Sammy and Laurette's wedding like?
(a) A private affair.
(b) They get married in Mexico on the beach.
(c) Lavish and a big production.
(d) Small and modest.

12. What does Kit propose at The Guild meeting in Chapter Eight?
(a) The Guild shut down for the time being.
(b) The Guild agree to affiliation with the Author's League.
(c) An official debate with The Author's League.
(d) An expansion for The Guild.

13. In Chapter Seven, what happens when Al gets laid off his job?
(a) He tries to call Kit, but she's gone on vacation with Sammy.
(b) He stands in front of a bus.
(c) He stays in his studio and writes.
(d) Sammy gloats.

14. In Chapter Eight, who does Al get a job with?
(a) Sidney Fineman.
(b) The New York Reporter.
(c) The Writer's Guild.
(d) The L.A. Times.

15. When Al goes to visit Sammy at his apartment in New York. what does Sammy mean when he says "they" don't know how to be happy?
(a) They are depressed.
(b) People in Hollywood don't know when they are enjoying themselves.
(c) They don't have feelings because of their experiences in Hollywood.
(d) Satisfaction is impossible.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Ten, what kind of deal does Sammy offer Al?

2. Why did Sheik beat up Sammy every day of their childhood?

3. Why does Laurette think Sammy married her?

4. In Chapter Twelve, why does Sammy call Al over late in the night?

5. When Al goes to meet him, what is Sammy being measured for in Chapter Ten?

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