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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does The Guild seek help from?
(a) The Northern Author's League.
(b) The Los Angeles Writer's Association.
(c) The Southern Writer's Association.
(d) The Bank of Hollywood.

2. In Chapter Nine, what do Al and his friends debate over when they go out for drinks?
(a) Where Sammy is from.
(b) Whether or not Rosalie Goldbaum has passed away.
(c) Whether or not Al will ever make it big.
(d) When Sammy will leave Hollywood.

3. Why does Sammy ask Al to take Kit to the opening night of Sammy's play, "Live Wire?"
(a) Because he won't have time to socialize with Kit.
(b) He feels sorry for Al.
(c) Sammy is trying to make Kit fall in love with Al.
(d) Because Sammy has a date with Rita Royce.

4. How does Al feel about The Guild?
(a) It hasn't discovered its place in Hollywood.
(b) He thinks it's too much like a union.
(c) He would be unable to live without it.
(d) The Guild makes him feel whole.

5. When Al goes to visit Sammy at his apartment in New York. what does Sammy mean when he says "they" don't know how to be happy?
(a) Satisfaction is impossible.
(b) They don't have feelings because of their experiences in Hollywood.
(c) People in Hollywood don't know when they are enjoying themselves.
(d) They are depressed.

6. What does Sidney Fineman do for Kit and Sammy?
(a) He is a top producer and he oversees their projects.
(b) He sells their work to underground agents.
(c) He is a dirty agent and he's done them wrong.
(d) He is their financial advisor and he steals their money.

7. What happens when Al meets up with Billie in Chapter Seven?
(a) He tells her how he feels about Kit.
(b) He confesses he is thinking of suicide.
(c) He drunkenly proclaims his love for her.
(d) He asks her if she loves Julian.

8. Where does Al work when he returns to New York?
(a) His old job at The Record.
(b) He works at a shoe store.
(c) He writes Broadway shows.
(d) He becomes a novelist.

9. In the end of the book, what realization does Al come to about Sammy?
(a) Sammy is his only true friend.
(b) Sammy is all alone.
(c) He is just as successful as Sammy.
(d) Sammy is heartless.

10. How does Sammy react to Al having gone to see his mother?
(a) He cannot understand why Al would do such a thing.
(b) He is creeped out by Al's actions.
(c) He doesn't bring the subject up with Al.
(d) He tells Al he is a sweet guy to go through the trouble.

11. How does Al feel about his first project at his new job in Chapter Eight?
(a) Al learns Fineman is a talented producer and he's enthusiastic to work with him.
(b) He is full of distrust and wonders when he will get ahead.
(c) Al doesn't care what he has to do. He is happy to have any kind of work.
(d) He is intimidated by everyone.

12. In Chapter Twelve, why does Sammy call Al over late in the night?
(a) He needs Al's help writing a script.
(b) He wants Al to take him home.
(c) Laurette has left him.
(d) He wants to party.

13. What happens after The Guild meeting in Chapter Eight?
(a) A large number of people resign, including Sammy Glick.
(b) Al has a nervous breakdown.
(c) A corporate company proposes a partnership with The Guild.
(d) Julian runs for president of The Guild.

14. In Chapter Eight, what does Sammy insist on Al's first day at his new job?
(a) He gives him credit for landing the job.
(b) That Al hides him from his agent.
(c) Al give him a place to stay for the weekend.
(d) They go out to lunch.

15. What does Sammy tell Al when Al asks him if he loves Ruth Mintz?
(a) He asks how he would have time to love anyone.
(b) He doesn't know what love is.
(c) He would rather have Kit.
(d) He says she is the woman of his dreams.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Seven, what happens when Al gets laid off his job?

2. When Al goes to meet him, what is Sammy being measured for in Chapter Ten?

3. In Chapter Eleven, when Sammy tells Al he has everything, what is he referring to?

4. In the conclusion of the book. what does Al say he hopes for Sammy's life?

5. In Chapter Eight, who does Al get a job with?

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