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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Al realize about Sammy's play, "Live Wire?"
(a) Sammy stole Al's manuscript idea.
(b) Sammy has modeled the play after "The Front Page."
(c) The play was terrible.
(d) He took the idea from Al's favorite comic book.

2. What does Sidney Fineman do for Kit and Sammy?
(a) He is a dirty agent and he's done them wrong.
(b) He sells their work to underground agents.
(c) He is their financial advisor and he steals their money.
(d) He is a top producer and he oversees their projects.

3. By the end of Chapter Nine, how does Al begin to think of Sammy?
(a) A mentor.
(b) He begins to fall in love with him.
(c) A societal figure.
(d) A sad person.

4. Some of the members of the Guild want to exclude others. Who do they want to exclude?
(a) Writers from the South.
(b) Wealthy writers and those in the big business.
(c) Unpublished writers and writers who are still in school.
(d) Writers who are not wealthy and those who are outsiders.

5. What kind of job did Sammy work as a boy?
(a) A messenger.
(b) He volunteered at the temple.
(c) A babysitter.
(d) A yardboy.

6. What does Kit propose at The Guild meeting in Chapter Eight?
(a) The Guild agree to affiliation with the Author's League.
(b) The Guild shut down for the time being.
(c) An official debate with The Author's League.
(d) An expansion for The Guild.

7. In Chapter Twelve, why does Sammy call Al over late in the night?
(a) He needs Al's help writing a script.
(b) He wants Al to take him home.
(c) He wants to party.
(d) Laurette has left him.

8. What is Sammy and Laurette's wedding like?
(a) Lavish and a big production.
(b) A private affair.
(c) Small and modest.
(d) They get married in Mexico on the beach.

9. How does Harrington feel about Sammy marrying his daughter?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He tells Sammy he wishes him the best of luck, but doesn't want him in his life.
(c) He doesn't believe it will work out.
(d) He is pleased.

10. Why does Kit think Hollywood is a tough place to work and live?
(a) Hollywood has turned into a violent city.
(b) Nothing can be predicted.
(c) People are too easy to see through in Hollywood.
(d) Everyone is rushing to hit the jackpot.

11. How is Sammy tricked by Laurette when she says she was looking at pictures all day in Chapter Eleven?
(a) She is lying to get him to fall in love with her.
(b) He believes she is trying to flatter him.
(c) He thinks she is talking about the movies.
(d) She reels him in so that she can hurt him later.

12. How does Sammy react to Al having gone to see his mother?
(a) He doesn't bring the subject up with Al.
(b) He is creeped out by Al's actions.
(c) He tells Al he is a sweet guy to go through the trouble.
(d) He cannot understand why Al would do such a thing.

13. Where did Sammy get his name?
(a) The kids on the playground changed it for him.
(b) When he was three and a half he changed it to the name of the neighbor kid.
(c) His elementary school teacher gave it to him.
(d) His mother changed it for him when he got beat up in school.

14. In Chapter Ten, how does Al feel about meeting up with Sammy?
(a) Sick to his stomach.
(b) He doesn't think Sammy can haunt him anymore so he feels as if he will be entertained.
(c) Curious as to why Sammy would want to see him again.
(d) Worried about the next stunt Sammy will pull.

15. After he has gone to meet Sammy's family, why does Al call Kit?
(a) He wants her to join him in a plot to kill Sammy.
(b) He is drunk and he wants to explain to her where Sammy came from.
(c) He is lonely and misses her.
(d) He proposes to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. By Chapter Eleven, how does Sammy feel about Sidney Fineman?

2. In Chapter Eight, what is Al hired to do at his new job?

3. In Chapter Eight, why does Al say it was a month he would never forget in Hollywood?

4. In Chapter Eleven, when Sammy tells Al he has everything, what is he referring to?

5. In Chapter Nine, what do Al and his friends debate over when they go out for drinks?

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