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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sammy ask Sheik to be his assistant when they are adults?
(a) He feels sorry for Sheik.
(b) He needs someone who understands his social class background.
(c) Sammy wants to prove his success.
(d) Sammy's brother forces him to employ Sheik.

2. Why do Al and Kit slip out the back door when they are leaving the premier in Chapter Five?
(a) Because they drank too much and lost their way.
(b) They cannot handle Sammy's arrogance and want nothing to do with him.
(c) Because they want to avoid being interviewed by the press.
(d) The two become claustrophobic.

3. What does Al tell Mrs. Glickstein when she asks about Sammy in Chapter Nine?
(a) Sammy holds himself on a pedestal.
(b) Sammy is doing well and Sammy is always thinking of her.
(c) Sammy is never satisfied.
(d) Sammy is a liar and he'll get what he deserves.

4. In Chapter Nine. what does Sammy's brother, Israel, tell Al about the relationship Sammy had with their father?
(a) When their father was alive Sammy was a different person, but he became greedy once he was gone.
(b) Sammy had respect for his father and the respect was mutual.
(c) Sammy broke their father's heart.
(d) Sammy was the favorite child from the start.

5. When Al and Kit see Julian at the premier in Chapter Five how does he act?
(a) Troubled.
(b) Infuriated and heart broken.
(c) Confused about how things worked out the way they did.
(d) Lost.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Two, Al says there are two kinds of self-made men. One reflects on their success as patriotic and remembers all of the details of their success. How does he describe the second type?

2. How does Al liken himself to Sammy?

3. Why didn't Sammy have his Bar-mitzvah?

4. What does Al give to Rosalie after dinner in Chapter Three?

5. How does Al feel about going back to Hollywood in Chapter Ten?

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