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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Six, once Julian and Sammy get together in Hollywood, why do they get into an argument?
(a) Sammy tricks Julian into writing another manuscript for him.
(b) Sammy accuses Julian of trying to steal his glory.
(c) They are both in love with the same woman.
(d) Julian threatens to call the police on Sammy.

2. How does Sammy write his scripts?
(a) In his office.
(b) By acting them out and having people add ideas as he acts.
(c) By reading books that inspire him.
(d) Alone at a typewriter.

3. Why does Sammy think Al is unsuccessful in the business?
(a) Because Al doesn't try hard enough.
(b) Al isn't intelligent.
(c) Because Al doesn't mind his own business.
(d) Al is a drunk.

4. What is Sammy's next move when Julian leaves his desk in Chapter Two?
(a) He calls a famous Hollywood agent.
(b) He throws the manuscript away.
(c) He asks Al what he should do.
(d) He starts editing the manuscript.

5. What does Al mean when he says his own voice is filled with inadequacy?
(a) Everything he tries to express is absurd.
(b) He is unable to argue with pride.
(c) He is incapable of being creative.
(d) He has lost his voice.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Four, where does Al meet Sammy for their night out?

2. Why do Julian and his wife want to go to Hollywood?

3. How does Sammy react to Al when Al approaches him?

4. What bothers Al about Kit in Chapter Five?

5. Why does Al make a mistake on his article?

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