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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Al feel about what Sammy has done to Rosalie?
(a) Al wants to stay out of the picture.
(b) He thinks Rosalie got what she deserved.
(c) Al is tempted to punch Sammy in the face.
(d) He wants Rosalie to get justice for Sammy's wrong-doings.

2. What is Sammy's next move when Julian leaves his desk in Chapter Two?
(a) He asks Al what he should do.
(b) He throws the manuscript away.
(c) He starts editing the manuscript.
(d) He calls a famous Hollywood agent.

3. What does Sammy promise Julian in Chapter Two?
(a) He will help edit the manuscript.
(b) He will show the manuscript to his agent.
(c) Julian will never be famous.
(d) He will help him re-write the manuscript.

4. What does Rosalie ask of Al in Chapter Three?
(a) To forgive her for how she treated him in the past.
(b) To take her with him to Hollywood.
(c) To lend her money so she can take the train to see Sammy.
(d) To find out why Sammy has stopped writing.

5. When Sammy asks, what does Al say about the workers at their old office?
(a) They are all proud of him.
(b) They all want to be remembered.
(c) They wish he hadn't left.
(d) They are starving to death.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Two, Al asks Sammy if he is scared when he makes the phone call to sell the manuscript. How does Sammy respond?

2. Al explains how he wanted to go to Hollywood before he met Sammy Glick. What does he say his reasons for wanting to go are?

3. How does O'Brien thank Sammy for helping with the article?

4. How does Al liken himself to Sammy?

5. In Chapter One, after Al says the world is a race to Sammy, what does he say Sammy is running against?

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