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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of job did Sammy work as a boy?
(a) A yardboy.
(b) A babysitter.
(c) He volunteered at the temple.
(d) A messenger.

2. In Chapter Six, what does Al help Julian with?
(a) Convincing his wife to write scripts.
(b) Breaking into Sammy's studio and stealing his money.
(c) Buying a house.
(d) Approaching Sammy about being unfair.

3. What does Al approach Sammy about in Chapter Six?
(a) Treating Julian unfairly.
(b) Al wants to leave the business.
(c) He thinks Sammy stole his script.
(d) Sammy is cheating on his girlfriend.

4. How does Al feel about sharing a cubicle with Sammy?
(a) He is enthused to work in close proximity with him.
(b) He is frightened of his power.
(c) He needs space.
(d) He tries to avoid him.

5. When Al says he composed a short history of Sammy Glick, how does he explain Sammy's progress?
(a) Unexplainable and unfathomable.
(b) A series of coincidences.
(c) Very American: full of opportunity and speed.
(d) Pure luck.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Julian Blumberg?

2. When Al goes to meet him, what is Sammy being measured for in Chapter Ten?

3. How does Sammy instigate Al to come out in Chapter Four?

4. How does Sammy react to Al having gone to see his mother?

5. In Chapter Four, Al says Sammy is only capable of one kind of love. What kind of love is it?

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