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Chapter One

• Al Manheim and Sammy Glick meet at The New York Record, and Al quickly finds out that Sammy is a motivated worker.

• O'Brien, the managing editor, yells at Al Manheim for making grammatical errors in an article that Al wrote while he was drunk.

• Al Manheim finds out it is Sammy Glick who has fixed his mistakes in his article.

• Al approaches Sammy about fixing the mistake, and asks Sammy why he didn't first approach him.

• Al gives Sammy tickets to a show and Al finds out that Sammy sells those tickets.

• Sammy and Al take Sammy's girlfriend, Rosalie, to dinner in celebration of Sammy's birthday.

• At his birthday dinner, Sammy forces Al to introduce him to a famous writer.

Chapter Two

• Julian Blumberg, a young writer, approaches Sammy about advice on his manuscript.

• Sammy tells Julian he will contact his agent to help with Julian's...

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