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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Connor try hard not to cause problems?

2. Why does Connor become angry with Risa?

3. Who tends to Connor after he emerges from the "chop shop" after the explosion?

4. How long will the Unwinds be in the Graveyard?

5. How does Lev convince Blaine that it is time to start their plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapters 33 and 34, Risa and Connor are given work assignments. How might these assignments be a positive thing for them?

2. How does the Admiral finally convince Connor to trust him, and spy for him, as chapter 34 unfolds?

3. What evidence does the author give of Lev's changed character during his meeting with the pawnbroker in chapter 26?

4. Why is it important to Connor that Risa not see him being taken to the "Chop Shop"?

5. How does Lev show that he has matured after Connor punches him in chapter 34?

6. What are some possible reasons that the Admiral may wish to run the Graveyard?

7. As Connor arrives at Happy Jack Harvest Camp, in chapter 51, he learns that his reputation has proceeded him. What it his reputation?

8. Why would anyone choose to sponsor an Unwind from the Graveyard as suggested by the Admiral in chapter 28?

9. Why has Connor chosen to make the Admiral the focus of his anger and resentment?

10. Why does the Admiral choose to tell his story to Connor in chapter 34?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Risa arrives at Happy Jack Harvest Camp she becomes embroiled in an argument with one of her counselors. Risa argues that if Unwinds are bad, then some of their "parts" must be bad too. She wants to know how they determine the difference between "good" and "bad" parts and what the camp does with the "bad" parts. Risa's question is a good one, as it asks the reader to think about the role of the soul in creating a person. As shown in CyFi's story, the "bits" of Unwinds that are used still retain some of Unwind's identity.

Pretend that you are either Risa or the Happy Jack counselor. Choose a side and argue your point from their perspective. Make sure that you include details to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

In the book, Unwinds are presented as delinquents, throw-away children or burdens on the state. In short, Unwinds are considered drains on society. In order to justify the destruction of these wayward teens, the body parts of unwound kids are donated to others. In essence, their deaths help others live.

Is it ever acceptable to sacrifice a few people for the good of the many?

In what circumstances might that option be considered?

What are some examples of this type of sacrifice in our society today?

Essay Topic 3

Identify and discuss 3 subplots that develop in the book. In your discussion include:

Who is involved in the subplot.

Major developments in the subplot.

How the subplot is resolved.

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