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Short Answer Questions

1. What quality does Cyrus have that annoys Lev?

2. Why does Connor begin to do better in school and to exhibit better behavior after he finds out that he is scheduled to be unwound?

3. What percentage of Risa's school must be scheduled to be unwound?

4. Why are Connor, Lev and Risa surprised when they read the newspaper?

5. Where do the boys sleep for the night as they are walking along the railroad tracks?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Headmaster choose Risa to be sent to the harvest camp in chapter 2?

2. Why does Risa feel that Connor is in danger from Roland in chapter 22?

3. How does Connor feel when his girlfriend, Ariana, will not run away with him?

4. What reason(s) might CyFi have for traveling with Lev?

5. In chapter 7, the Unwinds find themselves in the woods for the night. Why is their ability to trust each other imperative?

6. What feelings does Lev's betrayal create in Connor and Risa?

7. What is the significance of Lev's realization that Levi Jedediah Calder no longer exists in chapter 18?

8. What is the significance of it being Christmas Day in chapter 24?

9. In chapter 10, Risa devises a plan to get them all a change of clothing. How does this show she considers them a team?

10. Is it possible that Hannah's position as a teacher makes her more inclined to help the Unwinds in chapter 16?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the book, Unwinds are presented as delinquents, throw-away children or burdens on the state. In short, Unwinds are considered drains on society. In order to justify the destruction of these wayward teens, the body parts of unwound kids are donated to others. In essence, their deaths help others live.

Is it ever acceptable to sacrifice a few people for the good of the many?

In what circumstances might that option be considered?

What are some examples of this type of sacrifice in our society today?

Essay Topic 2

While Risa is playing the piano on the roof at Happy Jack, she meets a boy named Dalton. Dalton has a plan to escape the camp when he turns 18.

Explain Dalton's plan. Do you think it will work? Why or why not? Do you think the camp will allow him to leave when he turns 18? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

In the book, unwanted babies are "storked." Meaning they are left on the doorstep of unsuspecting people's homes. In reality some states allow mothers to abandon their unwanted babies at hospitals or police stations.

1) Is this the same as "storking"? Why or why not?

2) How do you feel about "storking" as it is presented in the book? Why do you feel the way you do?

3) How do you feel about the current laws that allow children to be abandoned at hospitals and police stations? Why do you feel the way you do?

4) Come up with as solution (other than abortion or adoption) to assist unwanted children in today's society.

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