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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lev want the police to tell Tyler?
(a) That he will not be unwound.
(b) That he is dead.
(c) That he is dreaming.
(d) That he will be taken to jail.

2. Where are Risa and Connor finally able to meet in private?
(a) At breakfast.
(b) In the girls' bathroom.
(c) At the rooftop piano.
(d) In the VIP quarters.

3. What was the Alaskan pipeline job?
(a) Blowing up oil pipelines.
(b) A cover for Clapper activites.
(c) A nature conservation project.
(d) Rounding up escaped Unwinds.

4. Who does Connor meet at the camp?
(a) Shelby.
(b) Darby.
(c) Dalton.
(d) Ashton.

5. How does Roland behave at the harvest camp?
(a) He behaves like a scared child.
(b) He rides on Connor's coattails.
(c) He becomes a nice person.
(d) He acts like a maniac.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reason the Admiral gives for wanting Connor on his jet?

2. What is the topic of the deep conversation the boys have on the plane?

3. Why does Risa think Connor is being treated differently?

4. Who does Connor think he sees when the new Unwinds arrive?

5. What happens to Risa at the camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Risa lucky to be chosen to play piano for new arrivals? Or is she unlucky?

2. Why does the knowledge of Connor's unwinding cause Lev to move up the detonation in chapter 62?

3. What are some possible reasons that the Admiral may wish to run the Graveyard?

4. Are Risa and Connor doing the right thing by staying away from each other in chapter 28?

5. Why has Connor chosen to make the Admiral the focus of his anger and resentment?

6. As Lev sits in the workout room in chapter 57, how does he see his position as a tithe?

7. What is implied in chapter 30 about the nature of brain bits and Unwinds?

8. Why does Risa think their new home is called the Graveyard when she sees it in chapter 28?

9. In chapter 34, Hayden tells Connor that he is respected because he has integrity. How has Connor shown integrity?

10. Why might the tithes be treated better than the rest of the campers at Happy Jack when they arrive in chapter 53?

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