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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Risa and Connor argue?
(a) Lev is trying to turn them against each other.
(b) Risa wants to leave Lev in the woods.
(c) Connor thinks they should stop for the night.
(d) To test Lev.

2. Who is tied to a tree at the camp?
(a) Risa.
(b) Connor.
(c) Nelson.
(d) Lev.

3. What happens to the note that Lev writes to the boy on the bus?
(a) The boy throws it on the floor, unread.
(b) The boy reads it and doesn't believe Lev.
(c) The boy tells Lev he doesn't care about his problem.
(d) The boy gives it to the authorities.

4. Why does Lev confront Cyrus about the way he talks?
(a) Lev thinks Cyrus fakes his speech patterns and accent.
(b) Lev thinks Cyrus tries to talke in code.
(c) Cyrus uses idioms that are annoying.
(d) Cyrus talks in a foreign language.

5. Where are Connor and Risa when Lev wakes?
(a) Pitching a tent.
(b) Scavengering for food.
(c) Sitting by the fire.
(d) Watching the police on the road.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Roland?

2. Who takes turns keeping watch throughout the night?

3. Who is Risa Ward?

4. What happens to Lev before Connor can get him to safety in the woods?

5. Where do the boys sleep for the night as they are walking along the railroad tracks?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Pastor Dan's advice to Lev in chapter 15 the betrayal that Lev feels it is?

2. Why is it so difficult for Lev to believe that Risa and Connor are trying to help him in chapter 6?

3. How does Lev justify leading the cops to Risa and Connor in chapter 17?

4. What might have been Roland's motive when he attacked Risa in chapter 24?

5. Why does Marcus object to Levi being offered by their family as a tithe when he gives his speech in chapter 3?

6. What effect does Connor, Risa and Lev's sharing of their stories have on the group in chapter 7?

7. In chapter 4, why is Lev frightened by Connor when he is pulled out of the car?

8. What is the significance of it being Christmas Day in chapter 24?

9. Why isn't Risa more supportive when Connor picks up the Storked baby in chapter 11?

10. Why does the Headmaster choose Risa to be sent to the harvest camp in chapter 2?

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