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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Connor feel about Lev?
(a) That he is like a younger brother.
(b) That he is brave.
(c) That he is young and can't be trusted.
(d) That he is very street smart.

2. Who are the Fatigues?
(a) A military organization.
(b) A gang of Unwinds.
(c) The people who oversee the Unwinds.
(d) The group of Unwinds in the warehouse.

3. Where are Connor and Risa when Lev wakes?
(a) Watching the police on the road.
(b) Pitching a tent.
(c) Scavengering for food.
(d) Sitting by the fire.

4. What does it mean for a baby to be "storked"?
(a) The baby is left alone in the woods.
(b) The baby is given up.
(c) The baby is given to large birds.
(d) The baby is unwound.

5. What happens to the note that Lev writes to the boy on the bus?
(a) The boy throws it on the floor, unread.
(b) The boy gives it to the authorities.
(c) The boy tells Lev he doesn't care about his problem.
(d) The boy reads it and doesn't believe Lev.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will need to happen if the AWOL Unwinds are to make a successful escape?

2. What does Roland do while Risa is in the bathroom?

3. What choice does Risa discover she has when the bus she is on crashes?

4. Why is Risa called in the headmaster's office?

5. Who is Levi Jedediah Calder?

Short Essay Questions

1. Roland is Unwound in chapter 61. How does the silence in the room effect the mood of the chapter?

2. Why is it important to Connor that Risa not see him being taken to the "Chop Shop"?

3. What reason(s) might CyFi have for traveling with Lev?

4. What does the counselor's behavior toward Risa show about the opinion people have of Unwinds in chapter 52?

5. Why is it so important to Risa that she keep Connor at arm's distance in chapter 8?

6. How does Lev show that he has matured after Connor punches him in chapter 34?

7. Why would anyone choose to sponsor an Unwind from the Graveyard as suggested by the Admiral in chapter 28?

8. In chapter 3, how does Levi feel about being offered as a tithe?

9. Is it possible that Hannah's position as a teacher makes her more inclined to help the Unwinds in chapter 16?

10. What might have been Roland's motive when he attacked Risa in chapter 24?

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