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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the mother feel about leaving her baby on someone's doorstep?
(a) She is unemotional about it.
(b) She is afraid for the baby.
(c) She is very upset.
(d) She is pleased with herself and her solution.

2. Why does Lev agree to go along with Risa and Connor's plans?
(a) He is scared Connor will kill him.
(b) He is too confused to do anything else.
(c) It is in his best interest.
(d) He has a crush on Risa.

3. What is Cyrus Finch's nickname?
(a) CyFi.
(b) Rewind.
(c) Fry.
(d) Brainy.

4. Why does the trio get onto the school bus?
(a) They are tired of walking and need a rest.
(b) They think they will blend in with the school kids.
(c) They are afraid of being caught by the police.
(d) They need a ride and the bus is free.

5. What are brain bits?
(a) A nickname for the juvey-cops.
(b) Special pills for brain power.
(c) Tracking devices in the brain.
(d) Pieces of an Unwind's brain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lev believe is going on when he wakes?

2. Who is J.T. Nelson?

3. Who does Hannah find hiding in the science lab during the fire drill?

4. What happens to Lev before Connor can get him to safety in the woods?

5. Why does Lev suddenly want to take care of Cyrus?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of it being Christmas Day in chapter 24?

2. Why is it so important to Risa that she keep Connor at arm's distance in chapter 8?

3. Why does Risa feel that Connor is in danger from Roland in chapter 22?

4. Why have Connor's parents signed forms for him to be sent to a harvest camp in chapter 1?

5. How does Risa's plan to test Lev fail at the end of chapter 8?

6. Why does Marcus object to Levi being offered by their family as a tithe when he gives his speech in chapter 3?

7. Why does the Headmaster choose Risa to be sent to the harvest camp in chapter 2?

8. In chapter 20, Hannah tells Risa that she and her husband will raise Didi. How does this scene show how Risa's feelings have changed toward the Storked baby?

9. In chapter 24, Risa is almost raped by Roland. What does her anger at Connor tell the reader about her feelings for Connor?

10. What reason(s) might CyFi have for traveling with Lev?

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