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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Hannah tell Risa and Connor they will find a woman named Sonia?
(a) In the school basement.
(b) At a shack in the woods.
(c) In an abandoned mine.
(d) At an antique shop downtown.

2. Who is Cyrus Finch?
(a) A boy Leb is traveling with.
(b) A boy on the run with Risa and Connor.
(c) A juvey-cop.
(d) A teacher from the school.

3. Where are Connor and Risa when Lev wakes?
(a) Scavengering for food.
(b) Pitching a tent.
(c) Watching the police on the road.
(d) Sitting by the fire.

4. What does Risa think when she sees pieces of trash in the woods?
(a) That they are going to be caught soon.
(b) That they will be arrested for littering.
(c) She feels bad that people do not take care of the environment.
(d) That there is civilization nearby.

5. Who is Risa Ward?
(a) An orphaned girl scheduled for unwind.
(b) A tithe who is the pride of her family.
(c) Connor Lassiter's girlfriend.
(d) A juvenile delinquent Connor knows from school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Risa give Nelson for being in the woods?

2. What does Risa decide to treat Lev and Connor?

3. How does Connor Lassiter find out he is to be sent to a harvest camp to be unwound?

4. How does Nelson feel about AWOL Unwinds?

5. How do the brain bits cause problems for Cyrus?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Risa more supportive when Connor picks up the Storked baby in chapter 11?

2. In chapter 5, Officer Nelson goes against his instincts when he agrees to help Risa. How does this hurt him?

3. In chapter 20, Hannah tells Risa that she and her husband will raise Didi. How does this scene show how Risa's feelings have changed toward the Storked baby?

4. What happens in chapter 2 that prompts Risa to run away from the bus?

5. Is Pastor Dan's advice to Lev in chapter 15 the betrayal that Lev feels it is?

6. In chapter 24, Risa is almost raped by Roland. What does her anger at Connor tell the reader about her feelings for Connor?

7. Why does the Headmaster choose Risa to be sent to the harvest camp in chapter 2?

8. How does Connor feel when his girlfriend, Ariana, will not run away with him?

9. In chapter 3, how does Levi feel about being offered as a tithe?

10. What reason(s) might CyFi have for traveling with Lev?

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