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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are tithes treated at the camp?
(a) Like VIPs.
(b) Like they are invisible.
(c) Like delinquents.
(d) Like they are unintelligent.

2. What does the counselor tell Roland about Connor?
(a) Connor is being kept alive until he is 18.
(b) Connor is also scheduled to be unwound today.
(c) Connor has reported him for fighting.
(d) Connor is a Clapper.

3. What does Lev leave at the store after he robs it?
(a) Fingerprints.
(b) A shoe.
(c) The bracelet.
(d) His phone number.

4. How are tithes and "terribles" treated at the camp?
(a) The same as the others.
(b) Like they are heros.
(c) Differently than the others.
(d) Like they are to be feared.

5. Who does Connor meet at the camp?
(a) Ashton.
(b) Darby.
(c) Dalton.
(d) Shelby.

6. Why does Dalton plan to jump off the roof if he is scheduled to be unwound?
(a) Because he would rather kill himself then go to the "chop shop."
(b) So that he can cause a riot.
(c) So that he can make a political point.
(d) Because he cannot be unwound until he is healed.

7. Who is on the plane when it arrives with new Unwinds?
(a) Lev.
(b) Tyler.
(c) Didi.
(d) CyFi.

8. How does the Admiral make money?
(a) By building houses in the desert.
(b) By selling Unwinds as slaves.
(c) By taking apart decommissioned planes.
(d) By harvesting fruit crops.

9. Where is Connor assigned to work?
(a) As a Golden.
(b) As a dishwasher.
(c) As a mechanic.
(d) As a maintenance worker.

10. Why are the Unwinds told to stay out of the open desert?
(a) So they do not try to escape.
(b) So planes and satellites can't see them.
(c) So they can always be found in five minutes.
(d) So they do not get heat stroke.

11. What is the reason the Admiral gives for wanting Connor on his jet?
(a) To fix the engine.
(b) To make Connor a Golden.
(c) To help plan a work call.
(d) To fix the coffee maker.

12. Why does Risa feel she cannot find Connor once they are out of the crates?
(a) They decided to go their own ways.
(b) They are supposed to be in a fight.
(c) She would rather be with Roland.
(d) She is still upset with him.

13. What is the name of the place where the Unwinds are being sent?
(a) Vahalla.
(b) The junkyard.
(c) The graveyard.
(d) The dump.

14. How does Risa characterize the "new" Lev?
(a) As cold and hard.
(b) As friendly and trusting.
(c) As dismissive.
(d) As religious.

15. Why does Lev run when the police are dealing with Tyler and CyFi?
(a) He would rather be with Risa and Connor.
(b) Because they will be distracted and he can get away.
(c) Because he doesn't want to be accused of stealing.
(d) He doesn't want to be stuck in Joplin with CyFi's fathers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the Goldens?

2. What does Connor do when he sees Lev again?

3. Who is responsible for work that needs to be done at the Graveyard?

4. Where are Risa and Connor when they get caught by the juvey-cops?

5. How does Roland behave at the harvest camp?

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