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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most of the Unwinds like Roland, but how do they feel about Connor?
(a) They think he is a liar.
(b) They do not trust him.
(c) They are afraid of him.
(d) They respect him.

2. What last name is given to all children who are in the custody of the state?
(a) Ward.
(b) Adoptee.
(c) Unwanted.
(d) Foster.

3. Where are Risa and Connor finally able to meet in private?
(a) In the VIP quarters.
(b) In the girls' bathroom.
(c) At breakfast.
(d) At the rooftop piano.

4. What is Emby's nickname?
(a) Mouth Breather.
(b) Fish Boy.
(c) Diego.
(d) The Henchman.

5. Who does Roland demand to see before he is taken away?
(a) A priest.
(b) The counselor.
(c) Risa.
(d) Connor.

6. How are tithes treated at the camp?
(a) Like VIPs.
(b) Like they are unintelligent.
(c) Like they are invisible.
(d) Like delinquents.

7. What is Roland assigned to do as work?
(a) He is in the judiciary.
(b) He is the pilot's assistant.
(c) He is assigned with Risa.
(d) He is a Golden.

8. What does Connor think of the Admiral's jet?
(a) It isn't as nice as he thought it would be.
(b) It is nicer than the thought it would be.
(c) It is gaudy and tacky.
(d) It is cool and he wishes he had one too.

9. Who does Connor think he sees when the new Unwinds arrive?
(a) Didi.
(b) CyFi.
(c) The Admiral.
(d) Lev.

10. Why does Tyler want CyFi to return to his old home?
(a) So that he can apologize to his girlfriend.
(b) So he can have CyFi unwound.
(c) So he can steal money from his backyard.
(d) So he can show his parents where he hid stolen loot.

11. What is the reason the Admiral gives for wanting Connor on his jet?
(a) To help plan a work call.
(b) To fix the coffee maker.
(c) To make Connor a Golden.
(d) To fix the engine.

12. What motivated Emby's aunt to sign his Unwind papers?
(a) She wants his inheritance.
(b) He wants one of his lungs.
(c) She didn't understand what she was signing.
(d) She was talked into it by her boyfriend.

13. Why are band members kept at the camp for a longer time than others?
(a) So they can play for incoming Unwinds.
(b) So they can play for the camp workers.
(c) Because they can be sold as slaves.
(d) Because they are considered of higher value.

14. What do the Unwinds call the Admiral's rules?
(a) The 10 Commandments.
(b) The 10 Ammendments.
(c) The 10 Demandments.
(d) The 10 Demeanments.

15. How many days until Lev will be unwound?
(a) Thirteen.
(b) Ten.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Twenty.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Risa characterize the "new" Lev?

2. What assignment does Lev volunteer to do?

3. Who is on the plane when it arrives with new Unwinds?

4. What does Lev discover after talking to the priest?

5. What happens to Risa and Connor the morning after Risa is attacked by Roland?

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