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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the legendary figure the kids talk about in the woods, the figure who went crazy?
(a) Humphrey Dunfee.
(b) J.T. Nelson.
(c) Patty Hurst.
(d) Representative Humphrey.

2. How does Connor think he can avoid being sent to the harvest camp?
(a) He does not think he can avoid being sent to the harvest camp.
(b) By getting better grades.
(c) By running away.
(d) By behaving better.

3. How did Cyrus help Lev when they first met at the mall?
(a) He helped Lev steal table scraps.
(b) He shared his home and food with Lev.
(c) He showed Lev how to beg in the streets.
(d) He showed Lev how to find food at the food court.

4. Why doesn't Connor fight Roland after what he does to Risa?
(a) He doesn't think Risa is worth it.
(b) He thinks Roland is trying to goad him into fighting.
(c) He decides to get Roland later.
(d) He wants to be a peaceful person.

5. Who are the Clappers?
(a) Storked babies.
(b) Firemen.
(c) Terrorists.
(d) Risa and Connor.

6. What does Sonia have in her cellar?
(a) A tunnel to escape the city.
(b) A room full of storked babies like Didi.
(c) Unwinds who are hiding like Connor, Risa and Lev.
(d) Food and water for the trio to take on the run.

7. How does Risa feel when Connor does not fight Roland?
(a) She is happy he is in control of himself.
(b) She is sad because she thinks Connor hates her.
(c) She is angry because she wants a fight.
(d) She is angry at first, then understands.

8. Why is Risa annoyed with Connor's behavior?
(a) She does not like the way he treats Lev.
(b) She thinks he is too soft-hearted.
(c) She thinks he is too argumentative.
(d) She thinks he is too impulsive.

9. Who is Risa Ward?
(a) A juvenile delinquent Connor knows from school.
(b) An orphaned girl scheduled for unwind.
(c) A tithe who is the pride of her family.
(d) Connor Lassiter's girlfriend.

10. Why does Marcus's speech confuse Lev?
(a) Lev feels that his brother is jealous.
(b) Lev isn't confused, he secretly agrees with Marcus.
(c) Marcus seemed to always support the tithe when they discussed it before.
(d) Lev doesn't understand why someone would object to tithing.

11. How do Risa, Connor and Lev begin to bond with each other?
(a) They share their feelings of fear and anger.
(b) They discuss their childhoods.
(c) They look for food together.
(d) They talk about why they are being sent to be unwound.

12. Who is tied to a tree at the camp?
(a) Nelson.
(b) Risa.
(c) Lev.
(d) Connor.

13. How long are Risa and Connor shuffled around before they end up in the warehouse by the airport?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) Three months.
(c) Three days.
(d) Three hours.

14. Why does the 19 year old mother decide to "stork" her baby?
(a) She is afraid the baby will be taken away.
(b) She knows she will not have a good life if she keeps the baby.
(c) She hates the baby.
(d) She wants the baby to live in a wealthy home.

15. Why does Risa want to test Lev?
(a) To see if he is really an Unwind.
(b) To make him tougher.
(c) To see if he is going to stay or run.
(d) To see if he is trying to spy on them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Connor Lassiter scheduled to be unwound?

2. Why does Lev believe that storking and unwinding are ok?

3. How does Lev give away Connor and Risa's location as they are trying to leave the school?

4. Where are Connor and Risa when Lev wakes?

5. Who is Roland?

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