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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Connor begin to do better in school and to exhibit better behavior after he finds out that he is scheduled to be unwound?
(a) So his girlfriend will run away with him.
(b) So he can convince the harvest camps that he is worthy of being left alive.
(c) So his parents will cancel the unwinding.
(d) So his parents will regret their decision to have him unwound.

2. At what age does unwinding take place?
(a) Any time after the age of 16.
(b) Before age 15.
(c) Between 12 and 19.
(d) Between 13 and 18.

3. Why does the 19 year old mother decide to "stork" her baby?
(a) She knows she will not have a good life if she keeps the baby.
(b) She is afraid the baby will be taken away.
(c) She wants the baby to live in a wealthy home.
(d) She hates the baby.

4. What is it called when a person or family gives 10% of their belongings to the church?
(a) Alms.
(b) A sacrifice.
(c) A tithe.
(d) A donation.

5. What does Lev think should happen to Risa and Connor?
(a) They should be set free.
(b) They should be killed by the juvey-cops.
(c) They should be unwound.
(d) They should go back to their homes.

6. What is Connor's biggest fear?
(a) Being unloved.
(b) Being alone.
(c) Being popular.
(d) Being unwound.

7. How does Lev feel about pretending to like Risa and Connor?
(a) He is sad that they aren't really friends.
(b) He is proud of his deception.
(c) It makes him feel good.
(d) It makes him feel sick.

8. Why does Risa want to test Lev?
(a) To see if he is really an Unwind.
(b) To make him tougher.
(c) To see if he is trying to spy on them.
(d) To see if he is going to stay or run.

9. What does Roland do while Risa is in the bathroom?
(a) He confronts Connor.
(b) He locks her in the room alone.
(c) He attacks her.
(d) He takes her place in the food line.

10. Why does Risa pretend to be Didi?
(a) To throw the juvey-cops off of their trail.
(b) To get new clothes for herself, Lev and Connor.
(c) To get food for herself, Lev and Connor.
(d) She likes to pretend she is a girl that won't be Unwound.

11. Which character becomes the leader of the trio?
(a) Connor.
(b) Lev.
(c) Nelson.
(d) Risa.

12. What is one problem that the brain bits cause for Cyrus?
(a) Kleptomania.
(b) Hyper mania.
(c) Depression.
(d) Insomnia.

13. What will need to happen if the AWOL Unwinds are to make a successful escape?
(a) They will need a map and supplies.
(b) They will need weapons.
(c) They will have to learn to trust each other.
(d) They will need the help of an adult.

14. What happens to Risa on the way to the harvest camp?
(a) She realizes that being unwound is her destiny.
(b) Her piano teacher tries to stop the bus, but is too late.
(c) She is jumped by a group of girls on the way to the camp.
(d) The bus transporting her is in an accident.

15. What percentage of Risa's school must be scheduled to be unwound?
(a) 15%
(b) 10%
(c) 2%
(d) 5%

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the trio get onto the school bus?

2. What reason does Risa give Nelson for being in the woods?

3. What is the mood of the group of Unwinds on Christmas?

4. Why is Risa annoyed with Connor's behavior?

5. What does Lev do while the trio are hiding in the school bathroom?

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