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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Cyrus refer to his runaway status?
(a) He calls himself a "run-to".
(b) He refuses to talk about himself.
(c) He says he is on a mission from God.
(d) He is proud to be called a runaway.

2. What are brain bits?
(a) A nickname for the juvey-cops.
(b) Pieces of an Unwind's brain.
(c) Special pills for brain power.
(d) Tracking devices in the brain.

3. What condition is Lev in when he wakes up?
(a) He is relieved he is safe and feels good.
(b) He is clear headed and nervous.
(c) His shoulder hurts and his thinking is muddled.
(d) He is tired and goes back to sleep.

4. What does Connor think about Risa's plan to test Lev?
(a) He is angry because he thinks she is trying to take over leadership.
(b) He does not like it.
(c) He feels she is crazy and Lev does not need to be tested.
(d) He understands her motives and agrees with her.

5. Why does the 19 year old mother decide to "stork" her baby?
(a) She is afraid the baby will be taken away.
(b) She knows she will not have a good life if she keeps the baby.
(c) She wants the baby to live in a wealthy home.
(d) She hates the baby.

6. Why does Risa pretend to be Didi?
(a) To throw the juvey-cops off of their trail.
(b) She likes to pretend she is a girl that won't be Unwound.
(c) To get food for herself, Lev and Connor.
(d) To get new clothes for herself, Lev and Connor.

7. What mistake does Connor make that allows the juvey-cops to find him?
(a) He takes a ride from someone who turns him in.
(b) He tells his girlfriend where he is.
(c) He leaves his parents a note telling them where he has gone.
(d) He uses his cell phone.

8. At what age does unwinding take place?
(a) Between 13 and 18.
(b) Any time after the age of 16.
(c) Before age 15.
(d) Between 12 and 19.

9. Why does Lev believe that storking and unwinding are ok?
(a) He does not think they are ok.
(b) They are in the Bible.
(c) He has known many Unwinds.
(d) His parents told him they were good things.

10. Which character has street smarts and a cool head?
(a) Lev.
(b) Nelson.
(c) Risa.
(d) Connor.

11. What choice does Risa discover she has when the bus she is on crashes?
(a) That she can return to the school and beg to be given another chance.
(b) That she can run and try to avoid the harvest camp.
(c) That she can refuse to go to the camp and begin a protest.
(d) She discovers that she is at the mercy of the camps and has no choices.

12. What will happen to Connor once he arrives at the harvest camp?
(a) He will be sent to a work camp where he will be useful to society.
(b) He will be kept on "ice" until someone needs a transplant.
(c) He will be given an opportunity to change his ways.
(d) His vital organs will be donated and he will be killed.

13. How does Risa do at her piano recital?
(a) She plays perfectly, with no mistakes.
(b) She plays so poorly that the crowd boos her off stage.
(c) She is taken for unwinding before she has a chance to play.
(d) She plays a hard piece and makes a number of mistakes.

14. What is Connor's biggest fear?
(a) Being popular.
(b) Being unwound.
(c) Being unloved.
(d) Being alone.

15. How does Connor Lassiter find out he is to be sent to a harvest camp to be unwound?
(a) He is told about the harvest camp by his music teacher.
(b) He does not find out until the harvesters come to get him.
(c) He does not know he is going to be unwound.
(d) He finds the paperwork in his parents' things.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Risa feel when Connor does not fight Roland?

2. What does Risa decide to treat Lev and Connor?

3. Why is Risa called in the headmaster's office?

4. Why are Connor, Lev and Risa surprised when they read the newspaper?

5. Why does Cyrus act as if he has a split personality?

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