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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sonia have in her cellar?
(a) A tunnel to escape the city.
(b) Unwinds who are hiding like Connor, Risa and Lev.
(c) A room full of storked babies like Didi.
(d) Food and water for the trio to take on the run.

2. Who are the Clappers?
(a) Risa and Connor.
(b) Firemen.
(c) Terrorists.
(d) Storked babies.

3. What happens to Risa on the way to the harvest camp?
(a) The bus transporting her is in an accident.
(b) She is jumped by a group of girls on the way to the camp.
(c) She realizes that being unwound is her destiny.
(d) Her piano teacher tries to stop the bus, but is too late.

4. Why does Marcus's speech confuse Lev?
(a) Lev isn't confused, he secretly agrees with Marcus.
(b) Marcus seemed to always support the tithe when they discussed it before.
(c) Lev doesn't understand why someone would object to tithing.
(d) Lev feels that his brother is jealous.

5. Who takes turns keeping watch throughout the night?
(a) Lev and Nelson.
(b) Connor and Risa.
(c) Nelson and Connor.
(d) Risa and Lev.

6. Who are the Fatigues?
(a) A military organization.
(b) A gang of Unwinds.
(c) The group of Unwinds in the warehouse.
(d) The people who oversee the Unwinds.

7. How does Risa feel about Connor taking the baby?
(a) She is angry and frustrated.
(b) She doesn't care if he helps the baby or not.
(c) She is proud of him.
(d) She doesn't know why he cares.

8. Which character becomes the leader of the trio?
(a) Lev.
(b) Connor.
(c) Risa.
(d) Nelson.

9. What is Risa's theory about Lev's parents?
(a) They are helping them
(b) They are using their influence to kill the Unwinds.
(c) They are covering up his escape so that he will be safe.
(d) They are angry with God about Lev's escape.

10. What will happen to Connor once he arrives at the harvest camp?
(a) He will be sent to a work camp where he will be useful to society.
(b) He will be given an opportunity to change his ways.
(c) He will be kept on "ice" until someone needs a transplant.
(d) His vital organs will be donated and he will be killed.

11. Who is Pastor Dan?
(a) The person sent from the harvest camp to collect Lev.
(b) A bully in Lev's community who tries to make Lev turn against Marcus.
(c) The leader of the pro-tithe movement.
(d) Lev's advisor and friend.

12. Who is Cyrus Finch?
(a) A juvey-cop.
(b) A teacher from the school.
(c) A boy on the run with Risa and Connor.
(d) A boy Leb is traveling with.

13. Why does Lev agree to go along with Risa and Connor's plans?
(a) He is scared Connor will kill him.
(b) It is in his best interest.
(c) He has a crush on Risa.
(d) He is too confused to do anything else.

14. What happens to Didi as Risa and Connor are leaving Sonia's basement?
(a) Didi cries so loudly they have to leave her behind.
(b) The baby dies.
(c) Hannah takes the baby to raise.
(d) Sonia steals the baby and gives it away.

15. Why does Lev struggle with Connor after Connor pulls him from the backseat of Pastor Dan's car?
(a) Lev doesn't want to miss his chance to get to the harvest camp.
(b) Lev is afraid that Connor murdered the bus driver.
(c) Pastor Dan convinces Lev that Connor is sent from the Devil.
(d) Lev thinks Connor is trying to take him as a hostage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the note that Lev writes to the boy on the bus?

2. What does Risa decide to treat Lev and Connor?

3. Why does Lev suddenly want to take care of Cyrus?

4. Who is Levi Jedediah Calder?

5. Who is Risa Ward?

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