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Unwinding - Removing an unwanted person's organs for donation.

Harvest Camps - Established after the Bill of Life as a state licensed facility for unwinds.

The Graveyard - A supposedly safe place run by a benevolent dictator.

Twin Lakes Harvest Camp - A mysterious place where procedures are performed on Unwinds.

High School - One of two places where the teens hide for a short period of time.

Sonia's Antique Store - A place where the teens are sent to hide, and where they stay for four days.

Ohio State Home #23 - The place where Risa is from and went to school.

Bill of Life - Meant to scare sense into people, instead this led to the creation of Unwinds.

Joplin, Missouri - The place where CyFi and Lev must journey to.

Storking Initiative - A way to get rid of unwanted babies without having to take...

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