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Part One, Triplicate, Chapters 1 - 4

1. Why is Connor Lassiter scheduled to be unwound?
(a) He is a runaway.
(b) He is a tithe.
(c) He is a troublemaker.
(d) He is an orphan.

2. What will happen to Connor once he arrives at the harvest camp?
(a) He will be sent to a work camp where he will be useful to society.
(b) His vital organs will be donated and he will be killed.
(c) He will be given an opportunity to change his ways.
(d) He will be kept on "ice" until someone needs a transplant.

3. At what age does unwinding take place?
(a) Before age 15.
(b) Any time after the age of 16.
(c) Between 12 and 19.
(d) Between 13 and 18.

4. How does Connor Lassiter find out he is to be sent to a harvest camp to be unwound?
(a) He does not know he is going to be unwound.
(b) He finds the paperwork in his parents' things.
(c) He does not find out until the harvesters come to get him.
(d) He is told about the harvest camp by his music teacher.

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